Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking 2021 launches its “Same, same but different because we understand you better” mobile banking concept to meet customers’ functional and emotional needs and expand its user base

Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking 2021 launches its “Same, same but different because we understand you better” mobile banking concept to meet customers’ functional and emotional needs and expand its user base

Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking is launching its new version of mobile banking this year with a “Same, same but different because we understand you better” concept and introducing six video clips to create a friendlier experience for customers. The new version not only showcases outstanding features on the platform to respond to customers’ functional and emotional needs, but also creates closer, easier and more relevant access for a growing number of users and new generations, with the bank’s aim to increase its user base to more than 13 million users.

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Prassanee Ouiyamaphan said Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking had a major design revamp mid-last year, becoming more modern and user-friendly to support user behaviour in the new normal and provide an enhanced experience to users. New features have been added to ensure that the platform understands and fulfils user needs and experiences while comprehensively accommodating various financial transactions. The platform offers a wide variety of investment features for investors and privileges and promotions to help users achieve digital lifestyles in line with the needs of all user groups.

Besides fulfilling functional needs for all groups of users by enhancing the platform’s capabilities, Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking version 2021 offers customer-centric storytelling through six videos to communicate with customers. The “Same, same but different because we understand you better” concept reaches out to the younger generation and wider audiences to generate awareness and brand engagement on both functional and emotional dimensions.

The stories in the videos position Bangkok Bank with a more friendly and understanding image for its customers, using funny storytelling to meet the preferences of Thai people, especially the new generation, to get more acceptance and engagement from content sharing. There is a total of six videos, divided into five short feature videos and one hero video. The feature videos focus on building awareness and learning about features on the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app such as withdrawal and transfer, top up and payment, investments, rewards redemptions and online account opening. The hero video under the concept of “Same, same but different because we understand you better” aims to encourage users to get started on the app with the hashtag “#TryItNow” at the end of the clip. The hero video focuses on the bank’s specific target groups, along with communication through both online and offline channels such as out of home channels in strategic areas that can reach a wide range of customers to make communications most effective.

“As a ‘trusted partner’, Bangkok Bank has always focused on listening and striving to create the greatest satisfaction for its customers. Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking has been continuously in development to fulfil customer experiences and support today’s digital lifestyles. We are also adding more features to answer all needs, and adjusting the design to be easy to use and convenient to reach out to users and expand to new customer groups, especially the younger generation and those in provincial areas. At present, the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app has more than 10 million users and is expected to grow 30% by the end of this year, bringing the number of users to 13 million with an increasing proportion of the younger generation from 31.1% to 40%, enabling us to expand our user base across the country. According to the number of mobile banking transactions in February, the proportion of usage among customers in the Bangkok area accounted for 43.7%, while usage in upcountry areas accounted for 56.3%. This shows continuity and reflects our ability to continually expand our services and user base,” concluded Mrs. Prasanee.

Those interested to watch “Bangkok Bank Mobile Bangkok, change to understand you better” video clips, please visit Bangkok Bank’s YouTube channel. For other Bangkok Bank information, please visit, Bangkok Bank Line Official, or call 1333 or 0 2645 5555.

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