Electrolux’s “Better Living in 2030” campaign engages Thai youth in action steps to create better, more sustainable living within the next decade

Electrolux’s “Better Living in 2030” campaign engages Thai youth in action steps to create better, more sustainable living within the next decade

Electrolux, a Swedish progressive and premium home life brand, invites young people across Thailand to join forces with the company’s team of experts and some of the most influential change-makers of today to explore solutions for future sustainable homes. The call to action, titled “Better Living in 2030”, aims to learn more about young people’s hopes, dreams and concerns, so Electrolux can work alongside the team to respond with solutions tailored to young people’s daily living needs in the decade to come.

In realising the company’s vision and bold 2030 targets for better and more sustainable living around the world, Electrolux invites today’s youth to join a team change-makers – a collaboration between Electrolux, young minds from across the globe wanting to drive positive change, and leading change-makers and experts already making a difference today. Together with the company’s innovation hub, the team will explore solutions for better living, starting with the future for clothes and garment care. 

By seeking insights from the very people who will be setting up their own homes within a decade’s time, Electrolux believes it will be better positioned to provide solutions that live up to the company’s purpose to shape living for the better, for generations to come.

“We want to listen to those who will be starting up their own homes in the near future. What are their hopes and dreams when they think about their lives ten years from now? Their desires, choices and behaviors will play a critical role in shaping the evolution of better living. We want those who own the future to be part of defining it. Therefore, we take the opportunity to ask now – to be able to provide solutions tailored to their needs, come 2030,” says Jonas Samuelson, CEO Electrolux. 

In the open letter, signed by CEO Jonas Samuelson, Electrolux invites young people between the ages of 15 and 20 across the globe to join the change-maker team. The young people selected will then be accompanied by some of today’s most influential change-makers to help explore solutions for better living in 2030. 

“The young generation nowadays are creative, progressive, and knowledgeable,” says Ratchata Suttapattanon, General Manager, Thailand and International Markets, Electrolux Thailand. “They are digital natives and tech savvy which makes them more independent and pramatic thinkers. As a leading global appliance company that has shaped living for the better, Electrolux wants to be a part of their future living and turn their ideas into reality. The Better Living in 2030 initiative empowers young people to shape a better future. It derives from a simple notion that moves toward sustainability begining at home, from eating, to garment care, air, environment, and more. We encourage young Thai people to share with us their ideas for future sustainable homes in any form, whether as simple messages, photos or videos. Their ideas will be brought to life and become part creating a more sustainable future.”

As part of the same initiative, Electrolux will conduct a global survey in which almost 14,000 young people between the ages of 15 to 20 will be asked how they envision their future sustainable homes. Insights from the survey and sessions with the change-maker team will be used by Electrolux to create new innovations for better living. 

The initiative is part of Electrolux’s ambitious Better Living Program. With bold targets for 2030 focusing on better eating, better garment care, better home environment, and better company, the initiative widens the scope of Electrolux’s commitment to sustainability. It enables the company to contribute in a more meaningful way to creating solutions for global challenges.

Read more about the team of change-makers in the Better Living in 2030 campaign and how to apply at: https://www.betterlivingprogram.com/bl-2030/en

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