MNRE calls for action to protect the environment on World Environment Day 2021

MNRE calls for action to protect the environment on World Environment Day 2021

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) has called for awareness from Thai people across the country to participate in natural resources and environment preservation as part of World Environment Day 2021. This year’s theme of “REIMAGINE RECREATE RESTORE” encourages people to change their lifestyle to help preserve natural resources and the environment and sustain the world’s natural abundance.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa commented, “In reminding everyone about the beginning of environmental cooperation among international countries on the Human Environment agenda at the United Nations conference on 5 June 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, the UN has declared 5 June as World Environmental Day.”

“Each year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is conducted with a key theme and similar direction all over the world. The campaign aims to create awareness among everyone of the importance of preserving natural resources and the environment and actually taking action to protect the environment. It begins with ourselves changing our daily behaviours to be more environment-friendly as well as restoring equibrium to nature and preserving the environment by keeping ‘New Normal, Environmental Friendly’ in mind.” 

“This year’s World Environment Day theme assigned by UNEP is “REIMAGINE RECREATE RESTORE” #GenerationRestoration. The aim is to encourange everyone to recreate their lifestyle focusing on environment preservation, being aware of the depletion of natural resources and environment, and aiming to restore the environment so it will remain abundant for the generations to come. Cooperation by everyone in changing our lifestyles to reduce exploitation of natural resources and exceeding resource limits is the key.”

“While the Covid-19 outbreak that emerged since 2019 and continues to this day has partly restored the ecosystem, the recommended guidelines aim to restore balance in ecosystems and nature by highlighting human coexistence and interdependence. This, in turn, creates awareness and realisation of the need for ecosystem restoration. We can accomplish this by adjusting our perspectives in deploying resources, resource recycling, CO2 emissions, and reducing environmental impacts in general. By adhering to Bio Economy Circular Economy Green Economy (BCG Model) we can drive the economy forward sustainably.”

“The BCG model aims to achieve economic development by creating a sustainable Low Carbon Society. This can be achieved by promoting environment-friendly production, services, and comsumption. We just need to produce renewable biological resources and convert them into value added products. In integrating the Circular Economy system, we can revolutionise energy and raw material deployment. This, in turn, will enable humans and resources to coexist. Ultimately, we will achieve the two of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are the key guidelines for environmental protection. Goal number 12 is focused on sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal number 13 is focused on urgent action to combat climate changes and its impacts.”

“Last not least, on World Environmental Day 2021 under the theme REIMAGINE RECREATE RESTORE, I would like to call for action from Thai people across the country to participate in natural resources and environment preservation. Together, we can maintain ecosystem abundance and biodiversity in Thailand. We can also thereby maintain our diversity of tourism destinations to attract travellers from all over the world. By transitioning to an environment-friendly lifestyle, including smart water consumption and forest restoration, our subsequent generations can survive. All we have to do is adjust ourselves to nature, rather than seeking to make nature adjust to our way of life. That way the beauty of the world can be sustained and handed down.”

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