Meet Izzy, the Man Behind NYC Luxury

Meet Izzy, the Man Behind NYC Luxury

Izzy is one of the managing partners at the NYC Luxury jewellery store in New York City’s Diamond District. He, together with Gavriel, is the brains behind the jewellery store's operations

helping it become the go-to jewellery store for celebrities. Some of the big names he has worked with include Lil Durk, Rich the Kid, Fredo Bang, Brandon Ingram, and Fernando Tatis Jr. Izzy has over 11 years of experience working in the district as a jewellery designer, continuously evolving his craft to become the designer he is today. In their early life, both Izzy and Gavriel worked as a flyer boy on the Diamond District streets. Izzy was intelligent and hardworking and found it easy to build a rapport with others, traits helped him become well-known in the industry. With his creative designs and his considerable salesmanship, Izzy grew to become one of the most sought-after jewellers in the Diamond District. His custom-made jewellery pieces stood out among the rest, making him a force to be reckoned with in the game.

The NYC Luxury jewellery idea was brought to him by his now co-managing partner Gavriel. He and Gavriel had known each other since 8th grade, but were not close to each other. Their friendship was ignited when they met at the district where they were both working, during the funeral of a mentor they had both shared. Though interested, Izzy was at first not fully convinced by Gavriel’s proposal. He felt the objectives set were too high for them to achieve; on top of this, they had no capital necessary to get things started. Gavriel took the plunge, however, but kept Izzy updated on his successes and goings-on. Soon Gavriel was achieving what he had initially set out to do, which prompted Izzy to change his mind and join Gavriel in his venture.

The addition of Izzy to NYC Luxury was a great boost to the company’s success. He filled many roles in the company within a variety of departments. Since then, the journey has been smooth thanks to the massive number of clients they have acquired and the company’s hardworking, cooperative team.

Presently, Izzy has become one of the most well-known jewellers in the world thanks to his vast expertise and his unique personality. Izzy has been responsible for overseeing all daily operations at the NYC Luxury jewellery store since 2017.

Having been responsible for the success of the jewellery store for a few years now, Izzy is now considering taking the store’s designs in a different direction. Previously, their designs drew inspiration from pop culture and other contemporary jewellery industry trends; nowadays, Izzy is focusing on designs inspired by hip-hop culture. Hip-hop culture places an emphasis on jewellery with fun, unique, and occasionally ostentatious designs. In addition, Izzy wants to start designing jewellery with a more “timeless” aesthetic, which he feels will give his customers more value for their money when shopping at NYC Luxury.

If you’re interested in learning more about Izzy and his company, feel free to check out Izzy’s Instagram @izzyjeweler or NYC Luxury’s official website.

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