Brighton College Bangkok's bespoke Early Years Programme

Brighton College Bangkok's bespoke Early Years Programme

Brighton College Bangkok's bespoke Early Years Programme nurtures our pupils, from ages 2 to 5, preparing them for a smooth transition into the Preparatory School under the warmth and care of our specialist teachers coupled with amazing facilities and flexible enrolment schemes.

Flexible Enrolment 

With schools recently experiencing site closures, we understand that the youngest pupils may find home learning difficult, especially if they don't have an adult to support them. At Brighton College, if we experience lengthy closures, pupils in Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception can benefit from our outstanding home-learning programme, or drop out and receive a full refund during the period of closure. 

Early Years Team 

At Brighton College Bangkok, the Early Years department (Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception) consists of a team of outstanding practitioners and brings a wealth of teaching experience, both from within the UK and overseas. This experienced team understands the need to lay strong foundations for the years ahead. The teachers, teaching assistants and nannies all share a common desire to provide a safe and secure learning environment where children thrive and are able to become the best version of themselves. 

English speaking learning environment 

Our English-speaking environment is fundamental to children’s language development. The environment is designed to feel as close to home as possible, with warm lighting, cosy corners and soft furnishing. Children access real-life items made from wood and other natural materials. So whether your child wants to build sandcastles, practice being a chef in the miniature kitchen or simply create an imaginary world, there are toys, books and games that suit everyone.

Early Years children have the opportunity to move freely from one classroom to another and enjoy both shared indoor and outdoor play spaces. Our specially designed classrooms and outdoor learning spaces are created to enhance a child's education and social experiences. They also have access to the College’s fantastic sports facilities and performing arts spaces. 

Curriculum and specialist teaching 

Our curriculum follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage where children are actively encouraged to pursue their own interests. We use children’s ideas and thoughts to create meaningful interactions, which facilitate their learning, deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, and allow them to flourish in all areas of the curriculum.

In addition to the time spent with class teachers, children will also have specialist lessons taught by qualified subject teachers. These include Thai language, Mandarin, PE, Swimming, Computing, Music, Art and Performing Arts. 

Parents’ Testimonials 

"The teachers are fantastic and are genuinely keen to see our children grow and learn." 

"If there were 6 stars (rather than 5), BCB would receive all 6!" 

"Friendly teachers and staff, superb facilities, I couldn't wish for more for my children." 

"The curriculum makes me want to be a kid again!” 

"The development of my children has been incredible. Their confidence levels have soared and it's an absolute joy to see!" 

Parent and Toddler Group 

For those too young to join our Pre-Nursery, we have a twice-a-week ‘Bright Start’ parent and toddler group. This has qualified British teachers to help start the process of successful learning and school engagement, giving you an insight into life at Brighton College Bangkok. 

For more information: 


Telephone : +66 (0)2 300 9600 

LINE: @brightoncollegebkk 


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