Thailand’s leading energy drink manufacturer unveils new product aimed at women

Thailand’s leading energy drink manufacturer unveils new product aimed at women

Osotspa Public Company Limited, Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer products, with a growing reputation in the energy drinks market, has announced the launch of Lipo-fine, an energy drink created especially for today’s modern women.

Boasting 0% sugar, the mixed-berry flavour drink has been created as a delicious and refreshing beverage that can be drunk every day but still meets the needs of today’s women who enjoy living life to the full while still maintaining their health and fitness. 

Mrs. Wannipa Bhakdibutr, President of Osotspa Public Company Limited, said: “The amount of money spent, per buyer, on energy drinks among female consumers continues to grow. Women need something to boost their energy, so they can enjoy their activities throughout the day with confidence while always feeling energised. 

In addition, the spread of Covid-19 makes it more important for consumers to maintain their health, and so they are inclined to spend more on products with health benefits. This provides a marketing opportunity for energy drink products that cater to the needs of women. Osotspa has partnered with Taisho Pharmaceutical to launch a new product inspired from Japan called “Lipo-fine,” an energy drink for women with 0% sugar in a mixed berries flavour, offering a new consumption experience for Thai women.”

Mr. Yukio Sawada, Executive Vice President of Osotspa Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said: “We are proud to have taken part in offering an energy drink for women. As Lipo-fine was developed to offer a sweet and sour mixed-berry flavour designed to suit the taste of Thai women, we are confident that it will be as widely accepted here, as Lipo-fine is in Japan.”

Packed with 1000mg of Japanese quality taurine, an amino acid renowned for its powerful rejuvenating qualities, the sugar-free Lipo-fine is the perfect solution for women who need to stay energised, refreshed and at the top of their game, all day – every day.

Lipo-fine is available now from leading retail stores and department stores nationwide. 

A new Lipo product after 22 years! The first-ever energy drink for women 

Lipo-fine with mixed berries flavor and 0% sugar is Lipo’s newest product launch in 22 years following “Lipo-Plus,” an energy drink mixed with natural honey. This launch, introducing a new segment -- “Energy drink for women” in Thailand, is a major brand movement that will generate excitement and increase growth in the country’s energy drink market, which is currently worth more than 20 billion baht.  

The marketing strategy will focus on building awareness of Lipo-fine through offline and online channels, beginning with the launch of commercials featuring “Cris Horwang,” the brand's first female presenter to tell the story of a new generation of women looking for drinks that meet their daily needs. 

The brand will work with online influencers who represent a new generation of women and have a strong follower base to create awareness and increase brand credibility on various social media channels throughout 2021.

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