Why Global Business Publication FortuneZ is Your Best Gaming News Source

Why Global Business Publication FortuneZ is Your Best Gaming News Source

Why Global Business Publication FortuneZ is Your Best Gaming News Source

When it comes to news information about gaming, FortuneZ is the go-to publication for many enthusiasts and professionals. It is a global business publication operating for more than two decades. It was founded in 2000 and has been steadily increasing its reputation as a reliable source for news and information on the financial market and gaming. The readership has grown significantly in recent years.

FortuneZ also has a strong presence on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow them on LinkedIn to get useful information from their posts. The publication has positioned itself as a leader in the financial market and gaming space to attract a lot of attention.

The company covers various financial topics including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance (BNB), Decentralized Finance or DeFi, Ethereum, and Non-Fungible Token or NFT. 

“Over 2.12 million adults in the United States actually own and invest in cryptocurrencies. This proves the relevance of cryptocurrencies in modern times. For this reason, FortuneZ wants to be a reliable source of information for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.” said Herbert Sim, chairman of FortuneZ. 

Mr. Sim commonly known as ‘TheBitcoinMan’, founded Crypto Chain University, the world’s first repository in blockchain and crypto research papers in 2010, and investor in multiple blockchain projects. Some also know him to be among the earliest people sharing about ‘cypherpunks’. Mr. Sim is equipped with Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Wolverhampton, UK; and a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts (Mass Communications), from Oklahoma City University, USA. 

Besides blockchain and cryptocurrency, FortuneZ also publishes reliable news and information about financial markets. This includes information on foreign exchange trading, stocks, and markets. For those who want to be updated on the latest information on financial technology or the FinTech industry, FortuneZ has a separate section for it. All the information that is published is fact-checked and referenced to allow investors to make well-informed decisions.

Even gaming, specifically eSports, iGaming, and sports betting are included as sections on FortuneZ. Gaming has received a lot of attention in recent years and more and more gamers are increasingly spending more time playing games online. FortuneZ has recognised this trend and wants to be the leader in providing reliable information about gaming.

As a company that aims to help its readers with information that is well-researched, FortuneZ is looking to become one of the trustable sources for financial and gaming information in the coming years. The publication strives for transparency, accuracy, and responsible reporting.

Another important quality that has made FortuneZ rise in popularity is its speed in publishing. They are extremely fast in publishing reliable news as soon as they get to know about it. The company’s editorial team also ensures that they publish posts and reports without bias to FortuneZ owners and partners. Their goal is to inform and educate their global readership.

FortuneZ has built its reputation as a trusted news company for more than two decades now and aims to reach greater heights as a media publication in the future. They have always been committed to quality and upholding journalistic values. So, if you’re into financial markets and gaming, you should definitely check out FortuneZ as a reliable source for trustworthy information. Since they are committed to their readers, every one of their posts are carefully reviewed before they are published. As the financial market matures and continues to grow, and as the gaming industry develops, FortuneZ aims to be the leader in providing reliable information on these segments to its readers to help them make informed decisions.

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