Blockfint launches “Thinker Series”– a Thai FinTech Revolution

Blockfint launches “Thinker Series”– a Thai FinTech Revolution

BlockFint, the Thai fintech start-up, is gearing up in business by launching “Thinker Series”, billed as a revolution in advanced financial solutions driven by blockchain technology, aiming at delivering services with enhanced speed and safety.

“The financial services provided by financial institutions in Thailand are complicated and come with costly maintenance,” commented Suttipong Kanakakorn, Chief Executive Officer, BlockFint Co., Ltd. “Therefore, many finance firms struggle to provide new solutions that take into account constant changes in customer needs.”

“We identified customer concerns about wanting to access unbiased financial consultancy services to help with their financial management and find user-friendly holistic solutions for all their needs.”

“So we have launched Thinker Series Solutions by Blockfint to engage financial institutions and commercial banks with wide-ranging services that respond to each need. This leads us to be confident that this technology is about to change Thailand’s financial ecosystem completely.” 

The Thinker Series is distinguished by its blockchain technology-driven services and simplify all the complicated operational working process, including:

1. Thinker Bank is a platform providing financial services for customers who focus on their prime need to group all accounts and transaction activities in one place for easy management. 

2. Thinker Bond is Thailand’s first investment market serving the retail customer segment with convenient access to bonds at any time from any location. The trading platform has been designed to simplify the usually complex bond trading dashboard, so that customers are now able to purchase bonds digitally in a matter of minutes. 

3. Thinker Insurance is a platform developed to help customers easily and speedily evaluate all types of insurance. 

4. Thinker LOS or Loan Origination System enables quick and easy decision-making on lending consumer loans and designing the new loan by combining human instincts with technology. It also helps financial institutions by providing data-driven technology without the need to add new codes to existing operating systems. 

5. Thinker Wise is a simulative system fused with human expertise to enable decision-making and action-taking. The system enhances automatic business decision-taking tools by offering precise and transparent responses through the digital medium in a way that is similar to accessing expert advice from an actual specialist. The services are not limited to loans and insurance, but also other business operations, such as choosing the best retail locations. 

“The current financial market in Thailand is worth over 19 trillion baht a year,” further explained Suttipong Kanakakorn, Chief Executive Officer, BlockFint Co., Ltd. “The bond market is worth 14.2 trillion baht and the insurance market is valued at 800 billion baht.”

“Meanwhile, global financial markets have transformed into digital environments in a matter of a few years. Seeing this, we spotted significant opportunities to provide solutions to attune to all the increased volume among financial institutions and other parts of the financial ecosystem, especially end-users. Our solutions enable all parties to work faster and easier and, in so doing, we expect 400% growth within 3 years.”

“Besides the Thinker Series, Blockfint has embraced blockchain technology to develop other digital solutions, including Gideon energy trading platform which is now collaborating in Smart City of the future development together with the concerned public and private sectors.” 

For its first capital fundraising effort in 2020, Blockfint raised 36 million baht increasing its total corporate business assets to 400 million baht. Its latest fundraising will be in June 2021, Blockfint plan to bring in over 80 million baht based on tremendous interest among investors and its due diligence is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. 

“With over 20 years of tech experience and expertise in the financial arena and our new gen staff who understand the ground-breaking technologies and what the customers want, we are able to provide the most advanced solutions that can fully take advantage of the digital trends as they emerge over the years to come.”

“In the next step, we are committed to taking our Thai FinTech by Thai people forward into global markets in the coming three years and achieving the status of a true Thai unicorn startup,” the CEO concluded.

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