Ensemble Thailand launches AI chatbot to improve "Social Commerce" efficiency and convert

Ensemble Thailand launches AI chatbot to improve "Social Commerce" efficiency and convert

leads into paying customers in just one conversation

Ensemble Thailand presents state-of-the-art AI chatbots to fortify social commerce while converting leads into paying customers with just one chat.

The first wave of COVID-19, which hit Thailand at the beginning of 2020, led to the emergence of new normal lifestyle. Now in 2021, we are in the third wave of the pandemic and this newly emerged lifestyle is even more evident in shifting consumer behaviour. Going out shopping at department stores, shops, supermarkets, or hypermarkets has shifted to shopping online using online platform services and popular applications like LINE and Facebook on social media platforms. 

This trend has continuously grown and expanded its perimeter and still has great potential. LINE has been crowned as the most used application by Thai people, followed by Facebook. The number of Line and Facebook users is +5.8% from last year (approximately 3 million users).

“Social Commerce” might not be anything new or even the latest trend. As a result of social media’s surging popularity in Thailand, Social Commerce has been used as a vehicle for Thai people to sell products via live chat since 2018.  At that time, it involved a combination of “Chatbot” and “Human Manual” via diversified social media platforms. More sales meant more manpower as more head count was used to answer questions and manage product and service sales. However, live chat was continuously developed and turned into AI Chatbot with adaptation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance capability to be almost equal to chatting with humans. Important functions were added to serve people’s fast-changing demands and requirements that need prompt responses.

Source: GLOBALWEBINDEX (Q1 / 2021)

Seeing the exponential growth of social commerce, Mr. Viroj Thanpisankij, Production Business Director, Ensemble Thailand, a subsidiary of IPG Mediabrands Thailand, viewed this as a promising opportunity. The major factor, he said, was “Shifted Consumer Behaviour” caused by COVID-19 which led to New Normal lifestyle which, in turn, resulted in consumer intentions to mainly shop using mobile applications, including social commerce. 

“From our team’s experiences helping brands in various industries design the best solutions for their customers, we gained profound understanding of how the brands are adapting their strategies to serve consumer’s NEW NORMAL behaviour,” he said. “Therefore we would like to recommend brands to enhance the efficiency of live chat in LINE and Facebook, the most popular social media platforms. This they can do by adopting state-of-the-art technology to support diversified functions for turnkey business transactions, including ‘pay, book, trial, shop, lease, buy’. Everything can be made within one single chat at an even faster pace, with more convenience and more flexible payment. With Social Commerce, customers are ensured securely protected data. Moreover, it is friendly to all consumers and creates more confidence in every business and industry type.”

5 solution technologies that will perfectly steer and enhance efficiency of “social commerce” in all spheres:

1. Natural Chats & Conversations – Design the most natural conversations and chats to most closely resemble “human conversation” via specific communication learning and memorising technology which will lead to better administrator and human resource management, including costs and training.

2. Tailor-Made & Customisation – A game changer which will make all brands turn to use social commerce is a flexible function suitable for  every business type of customer, including large manufacturers and commodities as well as services, for which the requirements are different.

3. Insights & Analytics – In-depth access to customer’s data and behaviour helps brands perceive what customers need. This helps brands further analyse and develop marketing plans which can most effectively and accurately reach target customers.

4.  E-Commerce Solution – A turnkey product and service sales solution which will boost sales figures and revenue for customers’ business. The solution can be linked to databases owned or acquired by customers. The databases cover logistics, inventory management, product information, and customers. 

5. Flexible Payment – The key is a secure payment system suitable for customers at all levels and in all groups. The payment is user-friendly and available in every transaction type: credit card and Internet banking money transfer (every bank).

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