MEA suggests tips to save electric bills and safety practices for effective electric usage

MEA suggests tips to save electric bills and safety practices for effective electric usage

Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), led by Chumpot Himacharoen, Corporate Communications Director, has revealed that according to a report conducted by Hydro-Informatics Institute (HII), low rainfall during May and June made this period even hotter than usual.

Furthermore, the government’s Work From Home policy has led to a surge in the use of electrical appliances over a longer period of time, resulting in higher utility bills. An increase in even simple activities, such as opening refrigerator doors, cooking at home and using electric water pumps, can lead to unexpectedly high bills. 

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On top of this, MEA has some handy tips to help customers maintain smart, effective, safe electricity consumption, including checking all appliances are in good working order and receive regular maintenance.

More importantly, MEA urges customers to adapt their electricity consumption behaviours, including by: following slogans like “Turn Off, Turn Down, Take Off – Change”; turning off unused lights; turning down air-conditioner temperature settings to 26 Celsius; pulling out plugs of unused appliances from power outlets, and; changing air-conditioner units to the highest energy efficiency settings. Plus make sure each AC unit is cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. 

Other efficiency tips include reducing the number of times customers visit the fridge or drink water from the ice cooler, as well as ensuring the fridge is not overstocked and its door seal is functioning properly. Consumers should also use LED or energy efficient (No.5) light bulbs and use appliances that provide short circuit protection. Any damage to appliances should be fixed immediately, along with ground wires and circuit breaker installations.

For more information on efficient electricity consumption, safety, and how to report damaged electric appliances, please contact Facebook: การไฟฟ้านครหลวง MEA, Line: MEA Connect, Twitter: @mea_news  and MEA Call Centre 1130 or via MEA Smart Life Application. Free download at for 24 hours. 

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