Top 3 Tips From Fitness Model And Influencer Savannah Wright

Top 3 Tips From Fitness Model And Influencer Savannah Wright

Lose Weight Without Counting Calories!

Many women struggle with weight their entire lives and counting calories becomes an obsession. Losing weight without counting calories is possible, and fitness model Savannah Wright, founder of Get Fit With Sav, knows all about it. She became an influencer to reach out and help women who want to change their bodies and get fit but may not know where to start. She sat down to share with us three top tips to lose weight without counting calories.

How can women who do not want to count every calorie they eat lose weight?

Savannah Wright: A rule of thumb is to eat in a calorie deficit. That means burning more calories than you eat. People always cut out carbs completely because they think it is bad, but there are some good carbs that you need to eat. Learn about carbs, proteins, and fats, balance what is good for you to eat. I share recipes that are based on this all the time. Add in leafy greens, more substantive protein. Protein is great because it makes you feel full longer. A high protein diet helps weight loss because it prevents overeating, and helps your body build lean muscle.

What is tip number two?

Savannah Wright: Number two is to be more intentional with your exercise, be more purposeful with your cardio. Consider weight training to target certain areas and muscle groups. You can increase high interval intensity training (HIIT) training, where you burn more calories. Add exercise and cardio by walking places, instead of meeting a friend for coffee and sitting down, walk and chat with that coffee.

This all makes sense, what else can we do to stop caring about those calories?

Savannah Wright: My third tip is to make sure to stay hydrated and not to skimp on sleep. This is a big one, water plays a role in many parts of weight loss. Sometimes we overeat when we just need to drink some water. Being hydrated keeps the whole body running better. Sleep matters because if you are tired you will be drawn to sugary snacks and drinks to get an energy boost the wrong way, poor sleeping habits will affect your body’s metabolism, how fast it breaks down fat. Prioritize sleep, it will make you start to feel better.

Discover more about healthy weight loss and building the body you want with Get Fit With Sav, and connect with Savannah on Instagram and YouTube!

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