Automation and Industry 4.0 solutions from Taiwan are best choices for Thailand’s industry upgrading

Automation and Industry 4.0 solutions from Taiwan are best choices for Thailand’s industry upgrading

“Taiwan Excellence Smart Machine Tools and Precision Components Webinar” was held on June 23 by Taiwan Excellence, a campaign to bring the best Taiwan-made products to the world.

The webinar had invited Mr. Stanley Kang, Chairman of JFCCT (Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand) and Mr. Kou-I Tszu, Chairman of TAIROA (Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association) to give opening speeches, and showed Thailand manufacturing industries the latest smart manufacturing solutions from five of the most well-known Taiwanese companies: TOYO, SOLOMON, Techman Robot, AAEON, and PLANET. This showcase was held in order to assist Thailand manufacturing industries on their mission to upgrade manufacturing procedures and improve production performance. 

From 2017, when “Thailand 4.0” policy was announced, to now, the country has kept speeding up industry upgrades. The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) has started to research application of 5G in industrial automation with local companies, showing the country’s determination to develop Industry 4.0 through advanced techniques. The webinar introduced comprehensive solutions from Taiwan automation industries, including precision components, machinery visual systems, cobots, industry computing platforms, and industrial networking systems. Thai buyers found that solutions from Taiwan can fulfil all demands for them to develop automation, and create high-performance, high-flexibility production lines. 

As VIPs of the webinar, Mr. Kang of JFCCT mentioned, “Thailand 4.0” policy focuses on automation, digitalization, AI, and big data transformation platform, and we much appreciate seeing the cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand in technology transformation.” Mr Tszu of TAIROA said, “Companies that won Taiwan Excellence awards have had their product performances and qualities recognised by markets. TAIROA can help Thai manufacturers import advanced and integrated smart manufacturing solutions from Taiwan.” 

In the webinar, the five leading manufacturing companies launched new products as well as introducing the most advanced smart manufacturing solutions and innovations. Mr. Takeshi Ho, Associate Manager, Toyo Automation Co.,Ltd. introduced the high performance and the wide application of its electric cylinder, and explained why its products can replace traditional cylinders. Mr. Michael Lee, Product Manager, SOLOMON Technology Corporation, showed how to realise smart manufacturing by robotics, visual system, and AI combination through case studies. Ms. Francine Chu, Associate Program Manager, Techman Robot Inc introduced how to apply its TM12 robot and exclusive software to build up smart stake solution for warehouses, and realise efficient and safe stakes. 

TOYO : I linear motor module : http://www. toyorobot. com/

Ms. April Lin, Sales Representative, AAEON Technology Inc showed the application of its AI + AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) system on quality assurance station of the production line which can not only reduce the human resources for inspecting products but also improve the production performance and yield. Ms. Phoebe Chen, Region Manager, PLANET Technology Corporation introduced industrial 5G IoT gateways, which can help manufacturers build advanced 5G factories, and the “Renewable Energy Management Controller System”, which can help smart factories improve the efficiency of energy usage. 

AAEON : Embedded Edge AI Computing System https://www. aaeon. com/en/

Besides the webinar on 23 June, Taiwan Excellence will attend “Manufacturing Expo” in November. It will show more advanced smart manufacturing solutions in the exhibition to assist Thai industries to achieve the goal of upgrading. 

Please click the following links to watch the webinar:

https://youtu. be/2Yh6x1kka9M (Thai version only)

Please click for product information: https://sites. google. com/taitra. org. tw/neweraofindustry40-eng/home

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