Merian Odesho Urges People To Embrace Their Natural Curls.

Merian Odesho Urges People To Embrace Their Natural Curls.

For so long, most people have been opting to relax their hair as they did not know how to redefine their natural curls or what products to use. However

all that is now in the past, as people are now embracing their natural hair texture. Looking at how fast the trend has developed, the buzz on embracing your natural hair texture is far from over. With the help of experts like Merian Odesho, embracing natural hair has never been easier.

Merian is a renowned CEO, founder, and formulator of Bounce Curl, a leading hair product company. As a person who has had curly hair all her life, Merian understands the struggles of trying to style curly hair. In fact, she says her frustration from constantly getting unsuccessful results using various products was her driving force to start Bounce Curl.

Growing up, Merian recalls how her grandmother would mix up a special hair formula from natural ingredients like aloe vera and black seed oil, among others. It would always leave her hair shiny, and strong. She says the hair mixtures made by her grandmother inspired her to make her own formulas.

Motivated by the endless struggles and failed results with different hair care products, Merian decided to formulate her own products. With her Bachelors of Science Degree with a focus on chemistry, Merian took to the labs in search of a solution. After spending hours in the lab, in November 2015, Merian launched her first Bounce Curl Product that took the industry by storm.

According to Merian, to embrace your natural curls, understanding your hair type and texture is important. Bounce Curl understands that all curly hair is not the same. Together with her team, Merian came up with a quiz to help you discover which hair products will best suit you. From a young age, her parents and grandmother taught her skills in making and using natural hair products. These skills have helped her understand different natural hair ingredients better, says Merian.

Merian’s take on styling curly hair is that you can spice up your curly hair in various ways, depending on your preference. By experimenting with different styles, you will find out which works best for you. If you are getting your hair done by a hairdresser, Merian recommends that you first question the hair care products they use.

Her advice is to not let anyone discourage you from embracing your curls as long as you’re comfortable with it. She also stresses being dedicated to your hair routine to achieve great results.

While natural curls are beautiful, maintaining them is pretty difficult. Unless you use the right products for your hair type, you might lose or damage your hair, says Merian. Through Bounce Curl, Merian empowers people to embrace natural curls and they can do so with products derived from natural ingredients.

As she continues to add more products to the Bounce Curl family, Merian is looking at a future where people will freely be able to style their hair and still practice safe beauty techniques by using green hair products.

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