How Bounce Curl Leveraged Social Media to Generate Half a Million Followers

How Bounce Curl Leveraged Social Media to Generate Half a Million Followers

Social media has grown to become a pivotal tool for business growth. While it was created to socialise, social media marketing has helped scale up many businesses.

Bounce Curl is a top hair care products company that has learned the skill of leveraging social media. Founded in 2015 by Merian Odesho, Bounce Curl has marked and cemented its spot in the hair care industry.

As a hair product company, Bounce Curl notes the significant impact social media has had on their business. Even though green beauty products are not so new, most people only have a slight idea of what they are. Through their social media platforms, Bounce Curl is now helping people know more about these products.

According to Bounce Curl, an effective social media marketing strategy leveraging social media is easier. There is power in good storytelling, says Merian. A good story not only creates a connection but helps the audience understand your brand better. Having realised the power of social media in the early stages, Bounce Curl grabbed the opportunity and used social media to tell its story. In doing so, Bounce Curl has established their spot in the industry and created a connection with their audience.

With hair products, product descriptions are rarely enough for the audience to fully believe in your product. Bounce Curl often uses videos to demonstrate how to use the products and document the process of formulating products. This gives their potential customers a view of the process and helps them see that you can still achieve great results with products from naturally derived ingredients. In the beauty and haircare industry, beauty is all about visuals, which is why brand loyalty is crucial. Most people want to see and hear reviews from customers before making a decision on whether to try the product.

When engaging with their clients, Bounce Curl says making assumptions on what the client needs is a mistake you should avoid. While in the haircare industry, some people rely on the staff to tell them the best product for their hair. Helping your customers learn how to choose their products is the best option. For instance, at Bounce Curl, they encourage their customers to use the Think Dirty app to learn more about their products' ingredients. They have also built a community for online followers where the audience can ask questions and share their challenges and successes.

With more than five years in the industry, their quality has never declined. Their goal of creating awareness about green beauty products and helping people embrace their curls while practising safe beauty persists. At Bounce Curl, they are happy that they are making progress as people have now started to embrace the use of green products. However, their journey is far from over; Bounce Curl hopes to create awareness for more people and help them achieve healthy natural hair.

It is essential to note that different brands will have different approaches depending on their products. Bounce Curl advises to first analyse the interests of your target audience to create engaging content.

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