Filmmaker Reggery Gravenbeek Is On a Mission to Help Young People

Filmmaker Reggery Gravenbeek Is On a Mission to Help Young People

Photo Credits: Nicky Angelina
Photo Credits: Nicky Angelina

Reggery Gravenbeek was born and raised in the Rotterdam district of Zuidwijik 32 years ago.

In his teenage years, Gravenbeek made a living making drug deals. One day, he was involved in a shootout with a rival in the drug business, who died from bullet injuries. Reggery required fast and constant money, and dealing drugs was the easiest way to achieve it.

Reggery Gravenbeek remembers that he spent his days on the streets as a young teenager and was ever on the wrong side of the law. He was never bothered about any danger, and there was nothing that scared him. The consequences of his awful actions never entered his mind, and he swiftly made a name for himself in dealings with hardcore criminals.

In 2006, Graven found himself in prison after he was arrested following a fatal shootout. The arresting officers raided his home, bundled him into their car, and he remained behind bars for almost twelve years.  

After completing his jail term, life’s challenges hit him harder as he had nowhere to live, was jobless, and didn’t have any professional certification with which to find a job. He joined a film set as an extra which stirred his film interest. The film sets were so fascinating that he looked forward to signing up for additional roles. Reggery Gravenbeek wasn’t born an actor but was curious to know what happened behind the scenes. He had this to say, “Filming is an influential technique to raise awareness and prompt people to shift their attitudes.”

After a long period of appearing on various sets, Reggery finally came across a director who was willing to create a film with him. The film became the turning point for Reggery, and he used it as a platform to show people how easy it is to join the world of crime after making the wrong choices.

Reggery joined Team Anklet, where he uses his past mistakes in life to show young people the correct paths to follow in life. He notes that many talents are hidden behind bars and aspires to show young people the many opportunities that are out there.

Reggery has previously created Team Anklet's "De Druk' film, featuring young people actively engaged in job opportunities in the Rotterdam neighbourhood. Reggery shares his thoughts with the young people after they watch the films in the hope of safeguarding them from the crime environment he once lived on the streets when he was a teenager. 

Reggery had this to say: "My past life has contributed to what I am today. My great strength was getting things done without giving a thought about the consequences. Today, I'm doing the same thing but with a completely different method. I look forward to inspiring and changing as many people as possible through film making. I use my film making experiences to keep the young boys from the prison walls. I motivate them to focus on their unique talents and use them to change lives." 

“I organised a special talent show for the youth of South Rotterdam some time back with a cash prize from my pocket. I am currently working as a film producer on two other sets that are expected to be released in the coming year. ” @reggerygravenbeek

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