Travis Bailey, Central Valley Alarm: How To Leverage Security Systems For Your Property

Travis Bailey, Central Valley Alarm: How To Leverage Security Systems For Your Property

No one wants to risk losing their assets. Nothing is more upsetting than learning that your home or business has been broken into and valuable items have been stolen.

It would deplete a significant portion of your resources, both physical and psychological. If you do not yet have a security system installed in your property, you are putting all of your belongings at risk. Hence many choose to be cautious and install security systems to deter would-be intruders. If you're thinking the same thing, you've come to the right place. Central Valley Alarm (CVA) has all of your needs covered. 

Meet the Founder: Travis Bailey

Travis Bailey is a young, talented entrepreneur who knows how to turn discouraging life situations to his advantage. Travis began his first job after a turbulent and, at times, frightening adolescence, believing that if he worked hard enough, he could achieve his dreams. After one too many times of being ripped off by a company and losing everything because he wasn't paid properly, Travis found the courage to dedicate himself to a new purpose of his life.

Today, Travis Bailey owns Central Valley Alarm (CVA), a one-of-a-kind, full-service surveillance firm that aims to assist local homes and businesses acquire the best security measures on the market.

About The Company

Based in Modesto, California, Central Valley Alarm is the leading local provider of cutting-edge surveillance services. Owing to the strongest development team and continuous innovation, the company has occupied a leading position in the local security systems market.

CVA's comprehensive product solutions include residential and commercial surveillance and security systems, first-rate access control services, and solar energy solutions.

“Our primary goal is to maintain CVA's reputation as a world-class security service provider that values ecology, safety and harmony within the workplace, as well as continuous quality control and innovation”, says Travis.

Code of Ethics

There are numerous security firms in the market, and CVA's strategy in this highly competitive environment is to maintain impeccable quality and safety in its services and products.

“We choose to talk less and act more, by using our resources to the fullest. We aspire to efficiency, which leads to the maximum security output and utmost benefit for our consumers.”

Customer-Oriented Attitude

The most competent firms on the market are distinguished by the transparency of their internal processes, as well as an individual and sincere relationship with each client. CVA shares the same values; its main orientation is not business-making, but the satisfaction of the client and doing honest work.

“I think the customer-oriented attitude is one of our main distinguishing features,” says Taylor.

Social Responsibility

To create something distinctive, good infrastructure is not enough; one must be part of the ecosystem. The accumulated problems in the environment should concern one personally. The perpetual eagerness to try and solve these issues is essential.

CVA offers solar energy services and installations designed to make homes or businesses more efficient while lowering electricity costs and reducing carbon footprint.

Whether you need a surveillance system for a business or residential property, Central Valley Alarm has got you fully covered. Contact CVA to see how it can be of great value to your quest.

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