Tokio Marine Life Insurance presents "Yui" the intelligent assistant

Tokio Marine Life Insurance presents "Yui" the intelligent assistant

Tokio Marine Life Insurance (Thailand) PCL has launched a new “chatbot” automatic response service featuring "Yui" the intelligent assistant.

The cute, bright, Japanese-style character has been developed to offer increased convenience to customers, agents, and the general public. Among other features, the service provides access to real-time information from anywhere, anytime, 24 hours a day via LINE @TokioMarineLife.TH

“The company gives great priority to the development of services that scale to reach customers and agents effectively under the new normal,” explained Mr. Toyotake Kuwata, Chief Executive Officer of Tokio Marine Life Insurance (Thailand) PCL.

“The automatic response intelligent assistant ‘Yui’ is ready to serve and give everyone access to information they need.”

The system is categorised based on user profiles as follows:

General people can access general information. There is no need to logon to the system. This includes information related to products, health, searching for a hospital or service branch, as well as access to a financial planning tool. 

Policyholders. In addition to access to general information, policyholders can gain access to the status of their policy and their children’s in the case of the user being the premium payer. Simply logon to the system and enquire about policy details, including benefits, premium and claims information, policy loans and right to use cash value.

Services for agents. By logging on to the system all types of information can be accessed to facilitate agents approaching new prospects. This includes customer services for all policyholders in each agent’s portfolio. It also covers team management. Agent leaders can access the profiles of agents in their team, along with training information, sales contest qualifications, and commission details.

“The new system offers ease of use to policyholders to check the status of their policies,” commented Mr. Somphot Keitkraival, Senior Executive Consultant, Office of Management and Agency Streamline. “It also quickly and accurately provides agents access to information relevant to sales and team management. Moreover, the general public can receive information about the company's products and services via LINE when they are doing research before making personal financial planning decisions.”

Tokio Marine Life Insurance (Thailand) PCL remains determined to boost service efficiency and deliver a new experience that is fast and convenient to customers and agents as they come to terms with the new normal. All in accordance with the company’s vision “To Be a Good Company Doing Sustainable Business.”

There are two ways to start using the "Yui Chatbot" service:

1. Find the account “@TokioMarineLife.TH” in LINE application (@LINE).

2. Scan the QR code to add "Yui" as a friend in @Line.

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