Kan Kulpiyavaja takes marketing reins at Chabaa Bangkok

Kan Kulpiyavaja takes marketing reins at Chabaa Bangkok

Newest recruit to grow brand love back home

Fitness freaks and fruit juice fans probably already know all about “Chabaa fruit juice”. Over the 20 years since its foundation, the Thai fruit juice maker has been driven by its passion to lead premium fruit juice markets with international standards of certification. As such it has earned the trust of consumers in 40 nations around the globe. Now the brand aims to grow more trust among Thai consumers, with proactive marketing to the younger generation under the direction of the company's latest scion, Kan Kulpiyavaja.

From ambitious teenager to marketing lead

With the attitude that learning should be continuous, Kan Kulpiyavaja decided to study for a master's in Supply Chain Management from the Marshall School of Business, part of the University of Southern California (USC), following high school in Japan and a bachelor's in electrical engineering from Toyo University. The Kulpiyavaja dynasty has five siblings, all of whom have long-standing involvement in the food and beverage industry. Kan's fascination with market research was first manifested at the age of 15, from conducting his own market surveys and checking quality at the factory to traveling to meet foreign and Thai business partners. All of these and other experiences have led to his new role in marketing as Sales and Marketing Manager for Thailand and CLMV at Chabaa Bangkok Co., Ltd. 

The core appeal of Chabaa, loved by people worldwide, is just the starting point

Although Chabaa is a leading fruit juice brand with Thai nationality, the company has focused on the professional manufacture of fruit juice to international quality standards for the last 20 years. The company selects only the finest premium natural ingredients combined with the latest innovations. This is at the core of Chabaa’s appeal, which has been mainly communicated in foreign markets, giving rise to distribution channels in over 40 countries worldwide. It has been the bestselling beverage of the week in Japanese convenience stores, and won the Best Food Award in the juice category from the most popular product review website in Japan for two years consecutively. This success has given Chabaa guaranteed great taste at its heart, making it beloved by fruit juice drinkers around the globe. 

Big mission to expand in the Thai market

In the 20-year journey of providing refreshment, the company has never forgotten Thai consumers. 2021 is a golden opportunity to grow the market for Chabaa fruit juice and generate serious brand love in Thailand. This effort is led by the new marketing chief, Khun Kan, who has a vision which understands the true needs of consumers in an age of disruption. This has kicked off with a complete reimagining of the company's logo and packaging design for a sophisticated, premium look and feel, while retaining the brand identity of bold dark blue. This combines with communication and distribution through digital platforms and influencers to penetrate the target segments. However, the company has not abandoned its distinctive 

out-of-home offline platforms or distribution channels directed at other target groups, another key factor which Kan has not overlooked. There is also a new focus on products with both nutritional benefit and environmentally friendly packaging, with a diverse range of pack sizes (1,000ml, 310ml and 180ml). These are great for drinking at any moment in the day, and truly meet consumers’ needs.

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