How plant-based food brand grew from local to global

How plant-based food brand grew from local to global

Panuwat Kimhin, director, Innofour: “Our ‘Mudjai’ brand is not just good for consumers’ health, but also environmentally friendly.”

Pariya Sirikul, managing director, Innofour:

We make plant-based Thai cuisine. The main ingredient is the splitgill mushroom grown by us and other plant-based ingredients that are being produced 100% in Thailand. We also sell plant-based herbal grilled pork and satay.

The best thing about our brand is that the products are “plant-based” and “free of nuts”. We believe our products have the potential to penetrate the international market.

Innofour is a small enterprise in Songkhla, and our challenge is to build a larger customer base among foreigners. We have learned that the Department of International Trade Promotion [DITP] offers many programmes to support SMEs, and we have applied for several,

including YELG, Tonkla to Goal, BCG Packaging and business matching. One of the DITP programmes have taught us how to adapt our products to match consumers’ demands.

We aim to continually improve our products and offer a greater variety to consumers. We are also holding classes to share our knowhow with interested people – be they individuals or community enterprises.

Our brand has grown from local to global. Locally, we want to expand our base of allies as well as share our business solutions and experience with them. Our aim is to make farmers better off and build a bigger network.

Panuwat Kimhin: “We want to tell Thai entrepreneurs and farmers who have been affected by Covid-19 that we are trustworthy and this should enable us to gain access to the global market.”

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