Samsung Life Insurance (Thailand), True Corporation, Raks Thai, and partners

Samsung Life Insurance (Thailand), True Corporation, Raks Thai, and partners

collaborate in "Samsung Life Insurance 1st Online Taekwondo Youth Camp Collaborates with True 5G" to Stop Bullying in Thai Schools

According to a Department of Mental Health survey, over 600,000 Thai students were bullied in school in 2020. Bullying is considered a nationwide problem which affects all sectors, especially young people, and can lead to depression and even suicide. 

Samsung Life Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited initiated a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project called, “Hero Taekwondo Fair Play and Stop Bullying” this year to help alleviate this issue. In collaboration with Global Civic Sharing, a worldwide social development organisation, and Raks Thai Foundation (a member of CARE International), the project will focus on promoting positive behavioural models that combine science and Taekwondo martial art.

“Samsung Life Insurance is an organisation that provides life stability planning services for people of all ages,” commented Mr. Seong Bok Jang, President and CEO of Samsung Life Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited. “To comply with corporate operations, the company has always been committed to continue working for the benefits of society through various products for life insurance, health insurance, and saving. Moreover, the company has always been dedicated to public sharing about both education and the environment. In past years, we had several CSR projects with Raks Thai Foundation under the theme “We Love & Share”. These included contributing medical equipment such as an AED defibrillator and, most recently, organising a well-equipped, high standard ambulance for the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital.”

“Raks Thai Foundation has also been working on the issue of bullying in schools for more than seven years. This year, a budget of more than 21 million baht has been set aside for the CSR initiative to assist in reducing the problem of bullying in schools along with sparking growing interest in Taekwondo, the Korean martial art.”

“Coach Choi Yong-seok and I discussed the project and agreed that combining the concept of stopping bullying with taekwondo skills would result in a new learning style that might help solve problems at their sources and deliver long-term tangible outcomes. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the event has been adapted to hosting an online Taekwondo youth camp in the eastern provinces under the name ‘Samsung Life Insurance 1st Online Taekwondo Youth Camp Collaborates with True 5G’.” 

True Corporation Public Company Limited’s Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Mr.Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, added that: “We are committed to helping Thai children acquire and develop sports talents. This time, we’ve collaborated with Samsung Life Insurance (Thailand) PCL to tap into the digital technology leader’s full potential. True Group collaborates with Samsung Life Insurance to expand the activities of the Taekwondo Youth Camp called ‘Samsung Life Insurance 1st Online Taekwondo Youth Camp Collaborates with True 5G’. This gives students the opportunity to learn virtually in real time, as if they were at an actual training camp with Coach Choi and his team. The participants are students from public and pilot schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission, or OBEC.

Dr.Thoetchat Chaiphong Secretary-General of the Basic Education Commission’s Assistant, commented that: “It is an excellent chance for students that the company and stakeholders are concerned about bullying in schools. Students will derive benefit from this project as they learn Taekwondo and how it can be used to combat bullying.”

The project is receiving great cooperation from a team of Thai national Taekwondo coaches led by Korean Head Coach Choi Yong-seok or Coach Choi. 

“By practicing taekwondo skills, students participating in the program will learn a variety of skills which are necessary for protecting themselves from being physically bullied as well as instilling sportsmanship, discipline, patience, unity, and mutual respect,” said Coach Choi.

The “Hero Taekwondo Fair Play and Stop Bullying” project will take place five times for general interest students from 25 different schools across the country. A total of 5,000 participants are expected to take part. 

“Thank you, Samsung Life Insurance Company and stakeholders for realising and acting on the importance of the bullying issue,” said Dr. Sutisophan Chuaywongyart, Board Member of the Raks Thai Foundation (A member of CARE International). “Raks Thai is dedicated to putting an end to bullying in schools. For Thai students, combining Taekwondo with technology to improve online learning will be novel and fascinating. It will create a beneficial difference in the long run.”

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