National Statistical Office of Thailand is making progress in collecting the 2022 Business and Industrial Census

National Statistical Office of Thailand is making progress in collecting the 2022 Business and Industrial Census

to promote local business operators and support the country's economy.

The competitive, ever-changing era of information technology and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused changes in the economic and social structure. The National Statistical Office of Thailand, as the country's main and longstanding organisation for compiling statistics, including economic statistics, has been compiling Industrial Censuses since 1964 and Business Trade and Services Census since 1966. Now, the National Statistical Office of Thailand has integrated the two projects under the "2022 Business and Industrial Census".

Ms. Wanpen Poonwong, Director-General of National Statistical Office of Thailand, explains that: “The 2022 Business and Industrial Census is a collection of statistics on the number and main characteristics of business entities across the country. Regardless of whether the entity is registered in the government system or not and whether it has a retail store or not. It is planned to collect the data and process it into a summary report for three years from 2021-2023. In 2021, the basic data will be collected and recorded through field work. In 2022, the collected data will be processed and the selected business and industrial entities will be enumerated. In 2023, all the data will be analysed and the 2022 Business and Industrial Census report will be prepared.”

In 2021, the National Statistical Office of Thailand will collect basic information on 12 types of businesses, comprising:

  1. Manufacturing entities such as factories, municipal enterprises, agricultural processing enterprises, and others.
  2. Sewerage, waste management and remediation, such as waste management companies and others.
  3. Construction of residential and non-resident and internal installations.
  4. Wholesale, retail, vehicle repair, convenience store, department store, auto showroom and auto repair shop.
  5. Warehouse business and other related logistics businesses such as product storage and logistics companies.
  6. Accommodation, food & beverage service activities such as hotels, grocers and restaurants.
  7. Information and communication such as publishing houses and news channels.
  8. Real estate activities such as real estate developers.
  9. Professional, scientific and technical activities such as law firms and architectural firms.
  10. Administrative and support service activities, such as recruitment agencies and travel agencies.
  11. Arts, entertainment and recreation such as writers, singers, dramatic performers and lottery vendors.
  12. Other service activities such as hairdressing and laundry services.

The information collected will be useful to the government sector, the private sector and the public. It will be useful for planning and setting economic development policies at the local and national levels and for the promotion and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The private sector can use the information as an analytical tool related to economics/investment/management and business operations. The information can further be used for innovation creation and business support, promotion and development so that businesses can receive support and promotion from the public sector, creating new business opportunities and access financing from the public sector.

The Director-General of the National Statistical Office of Thailand has requested the cooperation of the public and business operators in providing information for conducting Business and Industrial Census. The data collector, Khun Madee, will collect information from May 1st to September 30th, 2021. With the spread of Covid-19, the National Statistical Office of Thailand is aware of the importance of security during data collection. Therefore, Khun Madee will wear a mask and have alcohol gel ready to clean hands and data collection equipment and will strictly adhere to social distancing measures.

Please be assured that your data will be kept confidential and secure under government measures and will certainly not be used for tax assessment.

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