International Kindergarten School Fees in Bangkok Can Vary

International Kindergarten School Fees in Bangkok Can Vary

If you've relocated to Bangkok recently and are looking for a quality kindergarten for your child, you may want to focus your search on the many international schools.

These schools are the only schools suitable for foreign children who don't speak the Thai language, and they offer a much higher quality level of education than the Bangkok public schools. 

Nearly all the international schools offer an English language education, so your child should be conversant in English. But before you pay international kindergarten school fees in Bangkok, you should visit a lot of schools in the area and gain an understanding of the reasons why costs can vary so drastically between schools. 

The average tuition per year of an international school education is around THB 560,000 for grades 1 through 6. But the most expensive in Bangkok school charges nearly double that amount at about one million baht.  

Obviously, many schools offering kindergarten classes do charge less, as the child spends less time in school at this age. But don’t make the mistake of downplaying the importance of a kindergarten education. 

It can be crucial to enrol your child in a high-quality kindergarten programme. Kindergarten provides structured development of a child’s mental, emotional, and physical skills that they’ll need to face the challenges of their formal education. You should never scrimp on a child’s introduction to their school years. 

Hidden Costs and a Lack of Transparency

When you start visiting some of these schools and looking into their fees, you'll find a lot of hidden costs and a lack of transparency. 

Schools that you may be considering as less expensive alternatives can suddenly be priced out of consideration when all the extra fees are tacked on. These schools like to advertise an affordable base tuition fee. It's only by asking do you learn of all the other fees that rightfully should have been included in the tuition fee. 

Getting What You Pay For

There are several different criteria international schools use to justify the tuition fees they charge, such as quality of education, facilities, school ranking, and reputation. 

Parents must be willing to devote themselves to performing a comprehensive evaluation of all the facets of a school they're considering to ensure that it meets their education standards. And that it will offer their child a quality programme that will prepare them for their formal education. 

Plan on visiting all the schools you’re considering, interviewing the administrators and teachers, touring the facilities, checking their education ranking and reputation, and looking online for outside opinions and reviews on the school. Make a list of your own choices ranked from one to ten, and then compare the fees charged by them. 

You'll begin to learn which schools are overcharging for what they offer and which schools represent a fine education for the money. 

If you favour a high-quality education over many of the other factors, plan on including Raintree International Preschool on your list of schools to visit. They’ll be happy to sit down with you and explain in detail the concept and activities in their preschool and kindergarten programmes.   

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