Transform your business with innovations, easier said than done.

Transform your business with innovations, easier said than done.

But at Wildcats we’ve got the fresh minds of the “GenWild” people that’ll help drive the solutions to you.

In this era, brands are expected to be innovative but it’s not as simple to create; Even for huge corporates with the resources and budgets to spend. There are rules and limitations to be followed, the bigger the corporate, the more limitations.

“Innovations” exist to solve “problems”, brands want to create an innovation that’ll be the solutions for their consumer’s needs. However, no brands could understand their consumer’s needs better than the consumers themselves. 

C2B is the New Generation!

“Consumer Centric” has become the most prudent factor that’ll determine how long the brand will stay in business. Specifically when the brand sees what the client’s problem is, but with the many limitations in big corporates, a consumer centric approach can not always be applied. 

“Start With Why”  the foundation that builds “Wildcats”. 

“Why” don't we let the people who face the problems come together and solve it!

With the brand’s resources and opportunities and consumer’s list of problems, it’s possible to create innovations that’ll fix it. The only missing thing is the bridge that’ll connect these two together.

Wildcats is a platform that creates the bridge to fill that gap between consumer and business perfectly, making the impossible possible.

“GenWild” Community

GenWild isn’t a scope of generations determined by age but it’s used to describe the group of people that has come together with “dreams” to change the world with “innovations”.

It’s tough for businesses to gather up these new gens with the passion for innovations and recruit them all at once. That’s where Wildcats comes to serve business with our GenWild community.

Moreover, these innovators find it hard to reach out to big corporates or even raise funds for their brilliant ideas to shape up and launch. 

Wildcats seeks to drive the businesses through a pure consumer centric approach. 

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Fail Forward

Businesses do not have the time or enough resources to fail. 

That’s why Wildcats is the best solution.

For innovations to happen, failures are a part of the steps in the process.

However, in business, each person has KPIs of their own and failures will only put their goals at stake. 

The vast GenWild community at Wildcats, is the group of people who’s ready to jump in with fresh ideas to propose, the time to take small steps along with failures here and there, and to learn from those failures while using just a small amount of budget. 

This model is the new future for businesses. In order to test on the various possible solutions while finding the best innovation that can be developed and used to serve the consumer’s wants and needs perfectly.

From Singapore to Thailand and SEA

Wildcats started off in Singapore and has been a part to drive innovations and investments across 5 countries.

And today Wildcats is ready to become the bridge between “innovators” and “businesses” to make new innovations happen in Thailand and further more to SEA.

Expanding to SEA is the main goal as it’s the center of the world’s innovation! Which is something to look forward to. 

If you are an innovator who sees the problems and wants the opportunity or you are a business seeking for innovations and ready to give chances, come be a part of our GenWild community. Read more at

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