Huawei launches ICT competition 2021-2022 in Thailand

Huawei launches ICT competition 2021-2022 in Thailand

Registration begins 1 November for local Huawei ICT Academy university and college students with ICT background

Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, has officially announced the launch of Huawei ICT Competition 2021 - 2022 in Thailand. Focusing on the theme “Connection, Glory, Future”, the competition is being held simultaneously in more than 50 countries worldwide, to promote the development of high-quality talent for a strong and sustainable ICT ecosystem.

Huawei ICT Competition is an ICT talent exchange event developed by Huawei for global university and college students. This unique platform was created in 2015 to identify and incubate young ICT talent and organise world-class training opportunities to support the development of a digital economy. Implemented in collaboration with Huawei ICT Academy, a school-enterprise collaboration project that aims to enrich the ICT pool with high-quality professionals, the competition’s goal is to cultivate a healthy spirit of competition among participants, enhance creativity and innovation, and advance their knowledge to prepare them to become part of the ICT talent ecosystem. It is also part of “Seeds for the Future,” Huawei’s flagship CSR project, which aims to develop skilled local talent in the ICT field, and bridge communication between countries and cultures.

In Thailand, Huawei ICT Competition 2021-2022 will be carried out in several rounds. Interested students with ICT background are invited to form groups of three, register officially and indulge in self-study to familiarise themselves with advanced networking including data communications, as well as cloud technology including cloud service. All activities and gatherings will be held in adherence to all COVID-19 measures. The winning team will have the chance to win exclusive prizes, including a trip to enhance ICT knowledge and expand cultural experiences, as well as the opportunity to work at Huawei.

Mr. Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Thailand, said, “The Huawei ICT Competition, now on its 6th edition, is a unique opportunity to explore the new generation of future partners who can drive the country’s digital transformation. Thailand has become a forerunner in the 5G rollout in the ASEAN region, and the strength behind digital development is a thriving talent foundation. Through collaborative platforms and projects such as this, Huawei reiterates its commitment to continuously enable the digital talent ecosystem as ICT extends to every industry and becomes a key enabler of social development and progress.”

Aside from showcasing the outstanding potential and digital talents of the world, Huawei ICT Competition is an occasion to strengthen consensus to make digital technology inclusive for all. As a global technology leader, Huawei explores innovative development modes and plays a critical role in promoting ICT technologies, developing talent, and bridging the talent gap. It continously reinforces its strategy to team up with partners to build an open, flexible, agile and secure platform that will ultimately bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.

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Interested students can register here.

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