Evolt Technology partners Banpu NEXT to fast-forward EV charging station distribution

Evolt Technology partners Banpu NEXT to fast-forward EV charging station distribution

Evolt Technology and Banpu NEXT Series-A have closed fund raising to expand their EV charging station platform to 5,000 Mobility (MaaS) units within 2025.

Evolt Technology Company, a Thai tech startup, has joined hands with Banpu NEXT to expand access to their integrated charging station platform with digital technology and user-friendly applications that enhance work efficiency. 

The two energy tech firms laid out a framework for expanding consumer access to charging stations as electric vehicles rapidly become popular among the public. 

The aim is to provide 5,000 charging stations throughout Thailand by 2025, in addition to furnishing electric vehicles under the Mobility As a Service (MaaS) concept of Banpu Next. 

The announcement of the partnership was met with strong approval by all sides with a stake in seeing clean energy technology prevail. 

“This fundraising strengthens the business connection between Banpu NEXT and Evolt Technology,” said Mr. Poonpat Loharjun, Chief Executive Officer of Evolt Technology Co., Ltd. “Leveraging Banpu Next’s strengths as the leading smart energy solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region, the parties aim to expand sustainable energy solutions to more enterprises focused on new technology and innovation, or the New S-Curve.”

The collaboration with Banpu Next sharpens Evolt Technology’s competitiveness and expands its capabilities in both domestic and international markets. Drawing on the strengths of Evolt Technology in platforms, engineering & tech development, the move is a strategic complement to Banpu NEXT's business that makes it more comprehensive.”

Continuously developing innovations and solutions that meet the needs of all customer groups, and already seeing strong growth this year, Evolt is committed to be the leader among end-to-end electric vehicle charging system providers in Thailand. The company stands poised to become the first provider in Thailand of E-Mobility, an electric driving solution for the automotive and electronic industries.

“Ours is a total solution that includes charger supply, platform & soft management, and charger installation by skilled engineers ready to respond to customer requests 24/7,” Mr. Poonpat added. 

“So far, we have 300 service points at charging stations installed in gas stations, office buildings, condominiums, restaurants, shopping centres and leading community malls, among others.”

“We believe that this partnership lays a solid foundation for Evolt Technology, as a tech startup, to grow sustainably. By contributing to E-Mobility with a comprehensive solution, backed by a highly specialised team, we will be at the forefront of driving the EV future.”

Khun Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President, E-Mobility, of Banpu NEXT Co.,Ltd. revealed that, “Banpu NEXT, Thailand's first fully integrated alternative mobility service provider, adopts the Mobility As a Service (MaaS) strategy. In so doing, we support leading Thai startups of businesses related to Smart Mobility. Evolt Technology’s expertise in charging station management platforms should fulfil and expand business potential. Build Banpu NEXT's electric vehicle system will make it stronger and more comprehensive.  This partnership will allow consumers and businesses easier access to electric vehicles. This also covers all types of mobility systems and supports all usage needs. It’s ready to respond to the sharing economy trend towards ride sharing and mobility sharing, fleet management, charging station management, and after-sales service.”

Today, the world's leading tech startups understand that smart energy technology is revolutionising the electric vehicle industry. Smart energy accelerates the creation of the entire ecosystem that, in turn, drives the economy and social dynamics with due respect to the environment. 

The initiative also supports a key mechanism in the creation of a prototype smart city in Thailand designed for the future. 

The partnership between Evolt Technology and Banpu NEXT offers an optimal solution that meets all E-mobility business needs.

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