MQDC and Zipmex shake on a deal that shakes up real estate:

MQDC and Zipmex shake on a deal that shakes up real estate:

pay for a world-class home in The Forestias with cryptocurrency

“Continuous innovation is the core strategy for Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC),” the real estate developer’s CEO, Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, recently stated emphatically.

With its latest foray into fintech, MQDC is partnering with Zipmex, Asia’s leading digital asset trading platform. This partnership enables investors to buy real estate with cryptocurrency. Currently Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, USDC and Zipmex Token (ZMT) can all be used to secure real estate. 

“This marks a memorable step into the fintech industry for MQDC and is a way forward in our business development strategy,” said Mr Malaisirirat. “This is an opportunity for investors to buy world-class real estate such as The Forestias and other MQDC projects with digital assets.”

Mr Malaisirirat added that the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will refine the real estate purchasing experience. 

“Due to speed and high convenience for crypto transfers for down payments, instalments and even transfer duties, accepting crypto as a form of payment will attract more buyers.”

“Zipmex places high importance on delivering world-class standards and seamless experience, especially in the high-quality product offerings, customer service and strategic partnership. Plus there are synergistic benefits from similar customer profiles.”

All The Forestias projects, including Whizdom, The Aspen Tree, Mulberry Grove and Six Senses Residences, are available for down payment with cryptocurrency, as is Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit.

All these MQDC projects now accept payment with BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap after BTC), USDT (United States Dollar Tether, linked to the US dollar), USDC (United States Dollar Coin, tied to the US dollar), and ZMT (Zipmex Token from the Zipmex exchange).  

Dr. Akalarp Yimwilai, CEO (Thailand) and co-founder of Zipmex, said: “This partnership with world-class Thai developer MQDC will shake up the real estate industry. It will not only strengthen the Zipmex ecosystem but also create another use case for crypto in the real world, where the cashless society is playing an increasingly important role in daily life. We will further expand our client base, targeting the middle to super-luxury level and the new generation of property buyers. It will also create and facilitate opportunities for overseas customers to buy real estate more easily with a return on investment from digital assets with an annual APY of up to 14%, only with Zipmex.”

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