Dow and TPK develop plastic film from formulated post-consumer recycled resin for the first time in Thailand

Dow and TPK develop plastic film from formulated post-consumer recycled resin for the first time in Thailand

Dow, a world-leading materials science company, has signed a partnership agreement with Thai Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd. (TPK) to develop a collation shrink film from a new formulated post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic resin which creates a film comparable to those made with virgin resins. The eco-friendly packaging film is available for the first time in Thailand to meet the needs of brands that care about the environment.

This innovative formulated PCR resin, called XUS 60921.01, is designed for collation shrink film application and delivers comparable performance to film made with virgin resins. The new resin can help to reduce CO2 footprint by 17 percent and enable 30 percent energy savings (Based on the APR 2018 report on Life Cycle Impacts for Post-Consumer Recycled Resins). This is the first time in Thailand that this new technology has been used to produce the collation shrink film.

"The resin is designed to be used as the core layer of collation shrink applications for the wrapping of daily products such as bottles of water, canned soft drinks, shampoo bottles, hair conditioners, shower creams, and lotions, which are packaged in large packs for easy transportation," said Thiradech Cheraprakobchai, Managing Director, Thai Packaging Manufacturer Co., Ltd. 

"With Dow's innovation and technical experts, and the unique production technology of TPK, we have developed and rigorously tested the film to ensure that it is of good quality and as attractive as the film made from all new plastic pellets. It also saves energy, reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces waste. We believe it will be well received by leading brands and environmentally conscious consumers. Interested brands can contact us if they need to adjust the film formula to be suitable for their use, according to the different needs of each product," he added.

"Dow Thailand Group is very pleased that our new formulated PCR resin has been selected by a leading organisation that is committed to innovation and sustainability like TPK," said Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, President of Dow Thailand Group. 

"Dow expects this eco-friendly shrink film to receive good feedback from consumer product manufacturers for use in product packaging and delivery to stores and consumers across the country. This will help product manufacturers achieve sustainability goals more quickly and be appreciated by consumers who are concerned about the environment. We look forward to seeing the packaging film from this collaboration appearing on products across Thailand in the near future," he concluded.

Post-consumer recycled resins are part of Dow’s portfolio of circularity solutions. Dow has set ambitious sustainability targets to enable 1 million tons of plastic to be collected, reused, or recycled through its direct actions and partnerships by 2030, and for 100 percent of what Dow sells into packaging applications to be reusable or recyclable by 2035.  It is also in line with TPK’s business approach, which focuses on introducing innovations to meet the needs of modern brands that are environmentally conscious. The eco-friendly packaging film resulting from the partnership is ready for brands to purchase from today onwards.

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