JARTON reveals “JARTON Home”, the biggest all-in-one IoT platform in ASEAN

JARTON reveals “JARTON Home”, the biggest all-in-one IoT platform in ASEAN

“JARTON Technology” has unveiled the “JARTON Home” application, an IoT platform. Thailand’s Smart Home Super Application is the biggest in numbers of alliance brands in ASEAN. It can control over 100 different alliance brands. It can be accessed via both mobile and web application platforms. The app works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa's voice recognition systems. It accepts commands from devices such as the Apple Watch, Apple Home Kit, and Samsung SmartThings, to name a few. JARTON is currently looking for more strategic and investment partners. It aims to increase JARTON Home adoption at the ASEAN regional level. The company believes that the smart home market, which is worth more than 4 billion baht, will grow three to five times in the next two years. JARTON Holdings, its parent company, also intends to list on the stock exchange by 2025.

T-Tutt Jungkankul, CEO of JARTON Group Company Limited, the leading company in manufacturing, installing, and exporting “Total Property Solutions”, stated that "the smart home market in Thailand has been growing slowly because there are numerous IoT product importers and manufacturers both locally and internationally. The issue is that each of them created their own mobile applications to control their equipments, but customers aren't comfortable using multiple applications to control these products. With this in mind, JARTON Group established JARTON Technology Company Limited to create JARTON Home, which serves as an IoT Platform for controlling all types of smart home brands through a single application. It was designed to work with JARTON equipment at first, but it is now compatible with smart home devices from all brands, both locally and internationally."

“JARTON Home” is an all-in-one Smart Home Super App capable of controlling smart home equipment at home or office. It is accessible via both a mobile application and a web application (through www.JARTONHome.com). It works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa voice recognition systems. The app is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple Home Kit, and Samsung SmartThings. Currently, there are smart home alliances from more than 100 brands that work with JARTON Home, such as AIS, Anitech, COTTO, DATA, Delight, Eminent, Ener Saver, Euro, Fascino, GATA, Hatari, JARTON, Chaiyo Sprinkler, Divana, LAMPTAN, Lamptitude, Lesasha, LRL by Let's Relax Spa, Lucky Flame, LUMAX by L&E, Marathon, Mazuma, MEX, Mogen, Monowheel, NANO, Panpuri, Safe, Safety Smart by Safe-T-Cut, SANWA, Schneider Electric, Siam Steel, Somfy, Sparkle, SVOA Robotics, Super Products, Tecno+, Toshino, Uni-Aire and VC Fabric, to name a few. JARTON is honored to collaborate with a number of companies in a variety of disciplines, including products related to telecommunication networks, security, HVAC (air conditioning), lightings, electrical appliances, wellness products, and controllers are also examples of related products. As a result, “JARTON Home” has become the biggest and most comprehensive IoT Platform in ASEAN in term of number of brand alliances joining the platform. 

Furthermore, JARTON Home is the only Smart Home Platform supported by DEPA (the Digital Economy Promotion Agency) of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society for its efforts in promoting collaboration from all industries in encouraging Thais to adopt IoT or smart home systems with the least amount of capital. The move is seen as a genuine and tangible effort to bridge the digital divide and stimulate the economy.

JARTON Home is simple and, more importantly, free. Its management system is accessible via a mobile application as well as a web application, and it connects smart home devices from various brands. It is compatible with a variety of voice recognition systems and other add-on devices, and there are no fees for basic functions. There are only three steps to using JARTON Home: Downloading the JARTON Home app (available for both iOS and Android devices), Registering a user with a phone number or an email address, and Connecting smart home devices via a Wi-Fi network (first time only). Controlling the connected devices is now possible from anywhere in the world.

The overall growth of the Thai smart home market may be slower than that of the EU or the US. However, people have spent more time at home in recent years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. That has benefited the local smart home market, which is now worth 4 billion Thai baht per year. There are approximately 2.5 million pieces of smart home equipment on the market today. With the launch of the JARTON Home application and the formation more than 100 brand alliances, as well as world-class partners such as Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings, the Thai smart home market is expected to grow 3-5 times over the next two years. 

In terms of business operations, JARTON Group has been transforming its business structure to prepare for future growth by establishing JARTON Holdings as the mother company, with a majority stake in its subsidiaries. It is now looking for strategic and investment partners. There are total of six subsidiaries under JARTON Holdings, separated by their type of businesses, which are:

  • JARTON Industry: handles business related to manufacturing and researching security products, such as bomb detectors, CCTVs, and X-Ray machines
  • JARTON Group: handles business related to trading total property solution, such as door & window hardwares, smart home products.
  • JARTON Technology: handles technology business related to development and management of software and applications, such as JARTON Home, JARTON Lock, and JARTON CCTV.
  • Nexitt: handles business related to installing and after-sale service of building management systems.
  • JARTON Network: handles MLM business related technology and wellness products
  • Life Elevated: handles social enterprise, such as self-improvement workshop programs.

“In terms of performance, JARTON Holdings has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing the company to reduce its project by 30% from the previously forecasted 1 billion Thai baht revenue. Smart home and office systems, such as smart home devices, walk-through metal detectors, and smart CCTVs, continue to play dominant roles. These products account for 25% of total sales. JARTON Group expects its business restructuring to take 9 to 12 months to find strategic and investment partners both locally and internationally. Following that, the holding company plans to go public by 2025,” said Mr. T-Tutt.

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