B.Grimm launches Multi-Functional Facade & Lighting Solution

B.Grimm launches Multi-Functional Facade & Lighting Solution

– Thailand’s very first one-stop facade services

Today, B.Grimm is a multinational conglomerate active in energy, industrial businesses, healthcare, digital solutions, lifestyle and capital investment. Customers in industrial businesses always seek innovative solutions that help lower their costs, accelerate their processes, or generate more revenue. Driven by an ambition for greater energy efficient and healthy living for our clients, B.Grimm Industrial Businesses unit launches Thailand’s very first one stop facade and lighting solution. Offering seamless integration of facades and building envelopes, smart lighting, and intelligent digital displays, this unique solution promises to cater to all architectural needs in building design and lower energy usage.

Customers will enjoy a reprieve from the hassle of contacting, liaising and coordinating with different suppliers for such major elements of a building, as B.Grimm offers a full array of in-house services, providing professional support in each key step of design, manufacturing and installation, through to maintenance and post contract services for a smooth and thorough experience. B.Grimm also offers value engineering by cooperating with designers and consultants from the design stage to propose the most optimal design option.

Caroline Link, president of B.Grimm Joint Venture, affirmed this point, stating that, “In general, customers are forced to waste time contacting multiple service providers to supply facades, lighting, and digital signage installation for their projects. This multiple sourcing environment can lead to scheduling conflicts or design misalignments across vendors, causing project delays. To avoid this and ensure smooth cooperation, B.Grimm consolidates our affiliates’ expertise in facade, smart lighting, and digital display to supply a single comprehensive solution. Thus, customers can experience faster, flexible services with high-quality bespoke products. From start to finish, we are the only point of contact they will ever need. This solution also follows our B.Grimm’s business purpose ‘Doing Business with Compassion’ with an aim to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and wellbeing of every society which we live in.” 

Fabrice Goetschmann, president of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses, added, “Our wide array of innovative products can match various customers’ needs. In particular, we are focused on making buildings more energy-efficient by integrating technologies such as double-glazed facade systems with thermally enhanced frames, which can reduce buildings’ energy consumption by 65%. Combined with our energy-saving LED light bulbs and displays, our solutions will lead the way in lowering the energy consumption of buildings, promoting sustainability while satisfying customer needs.”

Arnon Harnburanaphong, Managing Director of MBM Metalworks Limited, offered insight into the company’s target market which includes medium to large-sized projects, particularly commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings. 

“Current trends in the exterior building sector are moving ever faster to the use of more energy efficient and sustainable building solutions, yet still requiring to meet all the aesthetical, design and engineering requirements,” he said. “Our new collaborative approach to total building envelopes for facades, dynamic lighting, and digital display systems brings everything into a single package for our clients in this fast-growing market. This combination facilitates eye-catching building design and promotes visibility from distance both during day and night while considering both environmental and economic needs. B.Grimm targets building owners who want to increase business value and revenue.”

This venture is a collaboration between three leading companies under B.Grimm: MBM Metalworks, specialising in facades and building envelopes with an internationally renowned client base; B.Grimm Trading, a distributor of engineering products imported from global markets such as Europe and the US; and Chubb Thailand, a leading global provider of fire safety, security, and monitoring solutions. 

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