Be a part of the virtual community built from the real-world map of Dubai Prime areas

Be a part of the virtual community built from the real-world map of Dubai Prime areas

Be a part of the virtual community built from the real-world map of Dubai Prime areas, World First Virtual Mega City l Metaverse Dubai

The more advanced the AR & VR Technology, the more exhilarating the experience!

Metaverse Dubai is here and is the future! 

Develop an unprecedented experience with Metaverse Dubai, the very first gateway to virtual NFT platform that allows you to create digital identities, engage in activities with your friends, build on community, and expand your businesses starting with buying, selling, and owning NFT Lands on Metaverse Dubai

Metaverse Dubai is stepping up the game to amaze new travellers on a wider scale by becoming the first global virtual NFT platform based on real-world map. It upholds the concepts of decentralisation and NFTs originating from blockchain technology while adding newer infrastructure and more advanced features than its forerunner.

Lots of surprises, including META chain, are awaiting to immerse you in the future of AR technology.

Elevate your experience with the fastest VR and AR technologies.

Join in and help create a new and unique chapter in history.

You will be surprised to know how blockchain technology and simulated-NFT lands of Dubai can take you to places beyond imagination.

It’s time to create new opportunities and burnish your brands to the world. 

With Metaverse Dubai’s limitless possibilities, you can make whatever you imagine a reality.

Metaverse Dubai is ready to expand and reach new boundaries on the new virtual area!

Metaverse Dubai is here and is the future! 

Get ready to explore new boundaries at Metaverse Dubai! Covering Prime areas of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates”.

Be a part of the virtual world with 220,000 blocks available.

The first round of participation in Metaverse Dubai will only be open to MVP coin holders who appear on the whitelist on December 21. Participation will be divided into two session at 12:00 noon and 8:00 pm (GMT+4). Each session will be 30 minutes. 

Maximum 1000 Hexs per participant. 1 Hex is worth 3000 MVP Coins or 100 BUSD. Minimum purchase of 9 Hexs in the first week and 7.5 and 1 hex respectively in the following weeks. 

What are you waiting for? Start your journey right now with just 100 BUSD. 

Land Purchase Procedures

Land purchase is made easy on Metaverse Dubai with only a few steps as follows:

  • First, connect and interlink the MetaMask on the BSC Chain.
  • Next, select the land you want to purchase 

Limit your initial purchase according to the table below:

  • For 1 Hex or block, you need to pay 100 BUSD. You can pay either 100 BUSD or 3,000 MVP Coins.
  • Once you have paid the required amount, you will receive the NFT Lands that can be traded or resold later on.

For MVP Coin

  • You can buy MVP Coin at trading exchange: Bitmart, P2PB2B

Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening and Partner Announcement was scheduled for 19 December 2021 at 8:00 pm (GMT+7). 

Public sales of Metaverse Dubai will be available from 22 December 2021 onwards. Public sales share the same periods as the first round at 12:00 noon and 8:00 pm (GMT+4). Each session will be 30 minutes. 

Visit and more information at

On the platform, you will get all the information you need about Metaverse Dubai and all the possibilities that it will open for you.

You can also join us at:

- Twitter:

- Telegram:

- Facebook:

Note: Lands purchased on Metaverse Dubai are legal and secure but do not constitute rights over real-world properties.

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