Baskal Korkis makes personal finance easy

Baskal Korkis makes personal finance easy

Baskal Korkis makes real estate and personal finance easy to understand through social media and books

Baskal Korkes, a 34-year-old real estate expert, has been in the real estate business virtually since his teens.

He extended his professional reach beyond pure real estate to collateral areas, creating a business presence in accounting, insurance, and finance, including real estate investment. After almost twenty years in the profession, he started asking himself why people en-masse were so uneducated about real estate and personal finances and if he could somehow share his first-hand experience and knowledge with those who needed it.

Parallel with being fully involved in his projects in the main line of business, Baskal started sharing his vast knowledge to shed light on personal finance and crucial real estate issues. His daily Instagram posts provide valuable tips on improving and getting the most out of one’s finances. In addition, Baskal’s how-to real estate construction videos have been going viral.

“Everyone should educate themselves regarding personal finances. Unfortunately, our current education system doesn’t offer this type of education. No one is going to help them, but themselves, and my goal is to teach people via social media for free,” explains Baskal.

Recently, Baskal decided to add a more traditional medium to perform his mission of spreading knowledge, partnering with a bestseller book market to promote his book. Its title Persistence, Pivots, and Game Changers, Turning Challenges into Opportunities expresses Baskal’s noble intent to share real-life stories, suitable strategies, and tactics along with insights on how to survive the obstacles, pivot, and benefit in the process. The takeaway from his book is that one needs to turn challenges into opportunities. Then, the per aspera ad astra through hardships to the stars journey with Baskal will be much easier.

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