‘Ngern Tid Lor’ gears up for investment committee establishment to strengthen business growth expansion

‘Ngern Tid Lor’ gears up for investment committee establishment to strengthen business growth expansion

‘Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited’ proceeds with business expansion plan for future growth with the establishment of an investment committee to support investment decisions on all fronts and move forward effectively and efficiently. The organisation’s investment themes target both domestic and international business sectors, including mergers & acquisitions investments for exponential growth.

Piyasak Ukritnukun, Managing Director, Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, or TIDLOR, revealed that the company is implementing a business expansion plan to strengthen and increase growth continuously. As the company has successfully conducted capital fundraising and been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in mid-2021, Ngern Tid Lor has appointed the investment committee to monitor and consider investment plans as well as to manage the fund in compliance with the policy. The investment theme includes new investments relating to key ongoing businesses in Thailand and overseas to reinforce working proficiency and strengths, including mergers & acquisitions. The committee members are as follows;       

1. Patara Yongvanich - Investment President 

2. Supawat Likittanawong - Investment Committee 

3. Piyasak Ukritnukun - Investment Committee

4. Nathapol Luepromchai - Investment Committee

5. Elcid Vergara - Investment Committee

Patara Yongvanich, Investment President stated, “With their knowledge, expertise, and experience relating to investment management, the committee members are certain to lead the company to achieve the growth plan in accordance with its vision. The committee aims to build added value for the company and stakeholders by proceeding with long-term sustainable business expansion plans combined with technology know-how and other strengths Ngern Tid Lor posseses as the leader in vehicle title loan and insurance brokerage business. With this strategy, Ngern Tid Lor is prompted to move forward in the long run under thoughtful and calculated business expansion investment plans to bring benefits to all parties.” 

Piyasak further stated that the company trusts that the committee will be a significant factor in building a solid foundation for business operation and leaping forward quickly. Currently, the company undertakes two main businesses, including vehicle title loan where Ngern Tid Lor is the current market leader, and insurance brokerage business where the company aims to become market leader among lower income customers.     

“We are ready to expand investment and grow continuously by focusing on vehicle title loan and insurance as well as new business in Thailand and overseas under our strategic investment theme,” he said. “In moving forward with this theme, the partnership will grow and have opportunities to execute mergers & acquisitions investment to strengthen mutual efficiency. With this in mind, the investment committee can consider any investment plans within the bounds of the policy framework and appropriate risks to support the organisation’s strong and stable growth.”   

Businesses in Thailand and overseas interested in Ngern Tid Lor technology know-how and operations, please contact Strategic.Investment@tidlor.com or visit www.tidlor.com for new business opportunities.

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