How LinkMe is Making Connecting With Others Safe, Simple and Easy

How LinkMe is Making Connecting With Others Safe, Simple and Easy

Long gone are the days of having to shuffle between apps, waste time and find the best way to share information with others. Now, with LinkMe, sharing information is easier than ever. The new tech start-up allows users to share social media accounts and other information seamlessly - and from a distance.

The platform compiles social media accounts into one place, which eliminates the need to shuffle through various apps to find the one you are looking for, potentially wasting time and brainpower. LinkMe gives users a unique QR code that can be scanned from up to six feet apart, which is especially needed in the current state of the world.

“COVID has made it so hard to meet new people,” says CEO and cofounder Net Kohen. “Think of LinkMe’s QR code as the new high five.”

LinkMe was founded by Kohen, who is known for his app development company NXTGEN, and Val Share, a social media master. The idea came about when the duo attended a business meeting and found themselves wasting a lot of time going from app to app to share their personal information with others. They recently brought on board Dre Medici who is a marketing extraordinaire and the company’s CMO. Now, with their new technology, users can share the information that they choose from a simple scan of a QR code — it can be anything from Instagram, TikTok, PayPal and more.

“Val and I noticed that It takes a very long time to share all the platforms you’re on,” says Kohen. “We created LinkMe so you could share every platform you’re on and all your information in seconds.”

LinkMe also provides the precise location where a connection was made, so if you cannot remember where you met someone, just check the app to find out. The platform has already generated lots of buzz as they get ready for a Tesla giveaway promotion, where you just download the app for an entry, and invite a friend to download the app for an additional entry. If you prefer cash prizes, there is an option to select a $25k prize instead of the Tesla. There will also be 100 winners that receive $20-$100 Amazon gift cards, and 10 winners will take home a PlayStation 5.

To learn more about LinkMe, download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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