Moxy Management Equips Its Influencers with the Tools to Dominate 2022’s Creator Economy

Moxy Management Equips Its Influencers with the Tools to Dominate 2022’s Creator Economy

As the world enters a new year with a massive 4.55 billion accounts active across various social media platforms, industry experts are forecasting a continued rise of online influencers’ scope of power across the consumer marketplace.

With Forbes estimating that the creator economy will expand into a $104.2 billion market in 2022, influencers looking to make a killing on this lucrative growth sector must whip their virtual presence into tip-top shape. Enter Moxy Management, an up-and-coming digital talent agency that’s poised to lead the fledgling creator economy into this new era as it helps influencers cash in on their own potential.

While many rival influencer agencies sign on new talent and leave them to their own devices, Moxy instead meticulously guides its roster of talent toward success through unparalleled attention to detail. This hands-on approach was inspired by Moxy Management’s own founders, Ryan Nassif and Slater Davis, whose own personal journey as content creators taught them many lessons through trial-and-error - lessons they now share with their carefully curated pool of talent.

“The conception of Moxy began with us pondering how much further we could have gone had there been somebody to guide us in the right direction when we first started,” reveals Nassif and Davis. “Where would we be now if we’d had a mentor telling us what to do – what content to create, what brand deals to take, how to market and value ourselves – from the beginning? If there’s one lesson we’ve learned throughout our careers, it’s that you need to invest in yourself and discover your value.”

As the continually growing audience on social media platforms turn into bona fide fans of their favourite creators, satisfying this audience has become a key point in fostering an influencer’s enduring popularity. By encouraging its talent to remain in close contact and communication with their most loyal followers, many of Moxy’s influencers have been able to navigate their following into migrating cross-platform to new social media sites and paid content platforms.

“In analysing our talent’s fan base, we are able to gauge exactly where their value lies and what attracts their followers to them,” says Nassif and Davis. “Once we know this, we can more accurately decipher whether we believe a creator’s presence is unique enough and large enough to fruitfully convert to other platforms.”

As major opportunities for expansion in the creator economy continue to present themselves, Moxy Management’s on-the-ball approach is set to help push its content creators toward continued success, with 2022 expected to be a banner year for the burgeoning agency and its popular influencers alike.

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