Rob Beardsley On Raising Capital in the Social Media Era

Rob Beardsley On Raising Capital in the Social Media Era

Rob Beardsley On Raising Capital in the Social Media Era

Rob Beardsley is an innovative real estate investor and the principal of Lone Star Capital, a multifamily real estate investment firm based in New York City. Not only has Beardsley overseen the acquisition of over $150 million worth of multifamily properties, but he also is a committed educator and author in the space. Beardsley published a proprietary underwriting model available on Lone Star Capital’s website for download as well as a best-selling book, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions. The book does not only explain Beardsley’s best practices for the industry, it also acts as a step-by-step guide for understanding and using his model. 

As the young and inventive multifamily real estate investor that he is, Beardsley has brilliantly tapped into a deep pool of investment resources that would surprise most. While Beardsley still raises capital via traditional means, the Lone Star Capital principal has recently found success with raising capital via content marketing, specifically on LinkedIn.

Growing up in the early stages of the social media age himself, Beardsley has always had an intimate understanding of the power of popular social media platforms. However, he did not immediately understand how to harness that power for his business. To his surprise, once Beardsley began producing content surrounding multifamily real estate investing, the young investor quickly generated many opportunities to network and raise capital. 

Initially, Beardsley was hesitant to pursue this angle because the best practices of the industry dictate that investors should only release highly produced, supremely professional pieces of content – if anything. Traditional firms in the space would never release any marketing material without a long production and editing process. While this used to resonate with people, Beardsley understands this is becoming less and less of the case. 

Beardsley’s content seems to resonate with content consumers precisely because Beardsley does not take himself too seriously while providing extremely valuable information. Beardsley’s videos oscillate between an impromptu soliloquy on the industry from Beardsley’s vacation on the beach in Mykonos to a planned out educational lesson on a complex topic from Beardsley’s office. Not only does this range and style allow Beardsley’s operation to stay lean and quickly release content, but it also projects authenticity and therefore increasingly resonates with all types of investors.

Beardsley’s ability to be causal in one video and formal in another, all while providing insider information about the multifamily real estate investment industry, puts his content in a tier above his peers.

What started as a way to educate aspiring investors and connect with others passionate about the space, Beardsley’s social media content marketing has rapidly grown into a consistent capital pipeline.

Along with new capital, and likes, Beardsley has been able to grow his network and connect with his professional community in more ways than ever since doubling down on his content. Beardsley is using his LinkedIn content to increase the investors in his firm and cement his status as a thought leader in the multifamily real estate investment business.

Beardsley believes that, regardless of their industry, all entrepreneurs should explore how content marketing can help them as it has helped him.

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