THAICONNEXION, a Social Issue & Crisis Management Expert, points to the sensitivity of the online world towards negative news. Provides solutions to social media crisis.

THAICONNEXION, a Social Issue & Crisis Management Expert, points to the sensitivity of the online world towards negative news. Provides solutions to social media crisis.

THAICONNEXION indicates that the sensitivity of the online world towards negative news could affect brand image and sales figures. As a social issue & crisis management expert, THAICONNEXION provides solutions to a brand’s online crisis. With over 14 years of professional experience, it has led over 20 leading organizations through crisis in over 500 cases. This has been achieved through creating consumers’ understanding towards brands. Moreover, it aims at promoting creative uses of social media to build a good online society.

Mr. Sumet Krongpianlert, Managing Director, THAICONNEXION Co., Ltd., has mentioned that the social media is still an expanding marketing channel, and being today’s main channel for businesses to communicate their image, it can be a big challenge for businesses and brands to manage the problems of negative information, fake news, and attacks by social media users. The data from the Anti-Fake News Center Thailand indicate that, between 1 October 2020 until 30 June 2021, 587,039 persons have posted fake news, with 20,294,635 persons having shared fake news. With these numbers, if the news is about a business, it can be detrimental to the image and credibility of a brand or an organization, and could massively affect the sales figures and the bottom line.

THAICONNEXION, a Social Issue & Crisis Management Expert, provides consultation and management to cope with brands’ crisis in social issue & crisis management. It believes that timely management of any unexpected online incident towards a brand is the key to save a business out of crisis.

The company has team of experts working together with various Social Listening Tools service providers to monitor consumers’ mentions of brands and organizations on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, online communities, and various web boards. This monitoring is carried out 24/7 with real-time report to allow systematic handling of problems upon receiving negative signals towards brands. This will enable proper prevention and preparation mechanisms to tackle the crisis that may occur. For the post-crisis phase, it follows up with solutions and find ways to rebuild a brand’s or an organization’s credibility. In the past 14 years, the company has supported over 20 leading companies in over 500 cases of social media crisis.

“Our team of experts can work with all existing Social Listening Tools service providers. We have big data analytics skill that systematically cover the crisis life cycle, all the way from pre-crisis management, crisis event, and post-crisis management. This can help solve misunderstandings towards a brand by the social media world. Moreover, we promote the creative use of social media, such as in proper word usage and in sharing the right news. We also promote positive conversation on various platforms and channels in order to build a good online society”, mentioned Mr. Sumet.

The company is a leader in crisis solution as a social issue & crisis management expert, expanding its services to brands and organizations in all industries. 

“Having a team of experts to help solve online crisis is like buying risk insurance to maintain your brand’s and your organization’s reputation and image. In an unexpected event, our team can help with solutions or mitigate the effect, and create a better social understanding in time” Mr. Sumet concluded.

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