PUV Inter Co.,Ltd, a world-class clothing distribution company launches FOR U ONLY BY PUV (For You Only) store with a concept of tailor-made and personalized suits, presenting the style and cutting methods used for European aristocrats.

The store is now opened on Sathorn road in the heart of Bangkok city to welcome customers, focusing on attention to every single detail in the high quality cutting and sewing.

FOR U ONLY BY PUV, a tailor-made and personalized store is born from creative concept and ideas. Every single detail of sewing and cutting is tailored to suit an individual’s shape and needs. Each piece reflects a personality of each person according to their own style with a variety of options for suits and pants available for selection. Size measurement service is done by a professional so that every piece is beautifully and carefully created to suit each individual's body shape. There is also a wide selection of fabrics to choose from. Every piece of fabric is selected from the reputable suppliers from around the world with many shades of colours for selection in warm, cool, pastel, bright and solid colors as well as many uniquely printed fabrics. The colour of the fabric is chosen to suit all types of skin tone and for all occasion. There are premium fabrics for selection to be tailored in a complete look with more than 1,000 designs, including exceptional coloured linen fabric in pastel tones, luxury wool, quality silk, cotton and many more. The sewing process focuses on intricate details. The store offers tailoring services for both formal suits or casual suits such as casual blazers so that gentlemen and ladies get to wear suits that look so beautiful typically of European high fashion.

With the concept of PUV Inter Co.,Ltd, a leader and an expert in the fabric and fashion industry with decades of experiences guaranteed by many international awards in the fabric and textile industry. The company has also been a leader in men's and women's suits for more than fifty years, with a thorough understanding of production and sewing process and the attention to detail from the beginning of each piece production. The production includes cotton cultivation, spinning, bleaching and weaving. The company houses many other reputable brands such as Pierre Cardin, Valentino Rudy, Ungaro and many more. These brands’ tailor-made services are also available exclusively at FOR U ONLY BY PUV store, making the FOR U ONLY BY PUV store one of the most complete all-in-one services in Thailand.

The store opening event was held as a private event under the name of "Tailor your style FOR U ONLY". There is a special service offered by a personal style consultant, a fashion expert who is well-known for her professional advice on selection of colours, tones and fabrics to help improve each individual's personality. Mrs.Thadini Ratcharasewee, the former fashion magazine editor and personal consultant of many business people in Thailand. She advised to the guests how to choose fabric colors to match a skin tone as well as an advice on how to choose a style of suit for a complete look to suit each individual’s needs, together with Mr. Suchart Chantranakarat, an exclusive director of PUV International on a talk about exceptional fabrics and the origins of the selection of fabrics from all over the world. The talk was very cozy for our VIPs who participated at the Tailor your style by PUV event.

At event, there were a lot of business people and well-known celebrities who attended exclusively. One-on-one person discussion on style and personality with many famous individuals such as Napat Assakul, Surachet Worawongwasu, Phupha Techanarong, Kamolsut Dabbaransi, M.R. Chanladda Yukol, Giftza Girly Berry, Pun Chitnarong Wisetsompark, Preyamon and Patpong Thanavisuth, May Mahadumrongkul

Thadini discussed style with celebrities. 

Napat Assakul, a third generation CEO of an Insurance Group, Ocean Glass, Ocean Property and a Bandara hotel business group. The talk was emphasized on dressing up in applied vintage style with a fun vibe by using bright colors. A blue striped wool suit was selected to match with a 70s inspired shirt in purple and white colours. It was called classic with a twist style.

Kamolsut Dabbaransi, a young CEO in the luxury food business, a business famous for a Japanese restaurant, Mugendai and a world-class sweet  and patisseries shop from France, Pierre Hermé Paris, and many other restaurants such as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. With his role, he has to meet a lot of people and he personally likes to dress in contrasting coloured pieces. He chooses to wear camel coloured chino pants with a blue coloured wool suit. The suit cut offers a fun vibe but not too flashy. Pink and blue coloured shirt was worn to add more attractiveness. 

Phupha Techanarong, a new-gen businessman with a modern and active personality likes to dress up in a  contemporary style that looks elegant but still has a degree of modernity with a mix of casual style. Light and elegant linen is matched with striped piece to create a casual look.  

Ying Air, M.R. Chanladda Yukol, a socialite. She is a leading fashion designer and a CEO who likes to dress in masculine style, emphasizing on dark tones such as gray and black oversized suits, complemented by cool coloured pants paired with a white and blue shirt. The total look is just perfect in the style of modern young woman.

Surachet Worawongwasu, a CEO of a renown boutique hotel ‘The Aetas’, a collector and ambassador of Lamborghini sport cars. He is also an athlete who likes to dress in a sporty look with a mix of formal style. He likes to dress in 24/7 look so a striped textured slim fit suit in dark blue colour paired with light red checkered shirt to contrast with the lines of the suit, giving a sophisticated and interesting look.

Pan Chitnarong, a famous young actor from One channel who is also an engineer likes to dress up in the style of fashion idol. With his personality, he is made suitable for a suit with a smart casual look. A Hawaiian shirt in floral pattern paired with a wool suit in contrasting colours adds creativity and fashionista look.

Tor Phoomphat and Sopin Rongrat, CEOs of Color Glo and Leather Solute, companies that are specialized in colours and world-class leather goods. They both have quite a luxury lifestyle. They like to travel. Therefore, their style is very modern and emphasizes on details and functionality in the style of Europeans. Details are important with less formality. Mix & Match pieces were the style they like to wear. They choose textured casual blazers on either a tee shirt or a polo shirt with a pair of jeans.

From fabric selection to the sewing process and personalized service of FOR U ONLY BY PUV will be available from today onwards to everyone as VIPs at FOR U ONLY BY PUV store on the 1st floor at Life Center, Q House Building, Lumpini     "TAILOR YOUR STYLE FOR YOU ONLY"

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