Siriraj shares a successful case of ‘Thailand 5G+ Smart Hospital’

Siriraj shares a successful case of ‘Thailand 5G+ Smart Hospital’

Global stage announcement at MWC Barcelona 2022 — Huawei Day 0 Forum “Lighting Up the Future” highlights vision to raise social wellbeing and healthcare service efficiency in Thailand while being a blueprint for Thai Smart Hospitals in the future

At the global ‘Huawei Day 0 Forum – Lighting Up the Future’ summit at MWC Barcelona 2022 (Mobile World Congress) in Spain in February, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. invited Siriraj Hospital to showcase the first world-class 5G Smart Hospital solution which is further innovating the healthcare industry, in particular Thailand’s public healthcare industry. Siriraj Hospital has thus become a world-class blueprint for the global healthcare industry.

Prof. Dr. Prasit Watanapa, MD., Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, was invited as a representative of Thailand to share about the successful case of ‘5G Smart Hospital in Thailand’ on the international stage. “COVID-19 has brought challenges to every industry worldwide, especially the healthcare sector,” he said. “It is our belief that digital technologies are essential and that innovation as well as smart infrastructure will have an incredible impact. This belief led to our vision of creating a 5G Smart Hospital, where Thailand’s public health can improve social wellbeing and enhance the productivity and efficiency of healthcare services. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Siriraj Hospital and Huawei Thailand have partnered on various projects, including the development of AI-assisted diagnoses and 5G unmanned cars for the first time in Thailand. In December last year, we also launched the first 5G Smart Hospital project in ASEAN, with technology and innovation to drive ICT transformation in Thailand's healthcare sector.” 

Prof. Dr. Prasit added that the 5G Smart Hospital initiative will help create new medical service models and enhance the process efficiency of a hospital with 5G capabilities. This is made possible as 5G provides 

a high-speed network with low latency, which increases the overall effectiveness of data transfers, patient monitoring, data analytics, and remote medical care to achieve better patient care and operational efficiency. The initiative to establish Siriraj Hospital as a Smart Hospital started a year before the pandemic and was accelerated by the utilisation of 5G and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing). These technologies enabled the team to implement a 5G private network, which provides high security, enhanced network experiences and the ability to connect everyone and everything using cloud technology and artificial intelligence. 

“Within a few years from now, the digital services adopted at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital will expand beyond the initial nine projects,” added Prof. Dr. Prasit. “All these initiatives will help to scale the quality and productivity of other hospitals and healthcare services. This will transform Siriraj Hospital into a role model for other public hospitals and will act as a blueprint for all Smart Hospitals in the country going forward. The partnership between Siriraj Hospital and Huawei will enhance and upgrade the services of the hospital, and this will serve as a model for upgrading Thailand’s public health industry in the future.”

The Siriraj 5G Smart Hospital project is a collaboration between Siriraj Hospital, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), and Huawei Technologies (Thailand) 

Co.,Ltd. The project is having a big impact on enhancing Thailand’s healthcare sector. As the NBTC realised the importance of utilising 5G technology for medical applications, it provided a support fund to ‘5G SMART Hospital enabled with AI’ to improve overall processes in the hospital, medical treatment, and 

wellbeing by utilising 5G, cloud, AI, and digital technology. This is the beginning of the 5G practical use case in Thailand, starting with innovative 5G and cloud solutions that Huawei has developed to enhance the Thai healthcare sector and transform Siriraj into a world class 5G Smart Hospital. The National 5G Committee also approved the project to help improve medical services and the healthcare industry, and develop the first Smart Hospital in Thailand to prepare the country for any new emerging technologies.

“Going forward, Siriraj Hospital will continue to work with Huawei to develop new innovations and create new value by utilising new digital technologies. Our goal is to improve our service levels, increase our work efficiency, and enhance Thailand’s healthcare capabilities. We will boost our medical services with cloud technology. The collaboration is in line with the commitment of the Faculty of Medicine, which is ‘Siriraj is the Medical Institute of the Nation, a Creator of Global Citizen Wellbeing’. In addition, Siriraj aims to be 

a blueprint for all other Smart Hospitals in Thailand and at a global level.”

As a leading organisation in technology and a good enterprise citizen, Huawei, aims to enhance Thailand’s technological advancement and improve the capabilities of Thai medical staff by providing innovative solutions from HUAWEI CLOUD and HUAWEI 5G technology which has helped with diagnoses, operations and cooperation within Siriraj Hospital. The project is the starting point of extensive digital technology use in the Thai public health sector. Together with cloud technology it will take the quality of medical service to 

a new level. The 5G network will enhance the effectiveness of medical services in the hospital by guaranteeing the quality of high-speed connections, network stability and low latency. The healthcare system will see improved efficiency in patient monitoring, data collection and analytics as well as remote collaboration. It also sets an example for digitalised, data-driven and cloud-based innovative major public emergency responses. Utilising 5G and cloud technologies in a Smart Hospital will open the door for many new healthcare services for Thailand, such as Smart EMS, Smart Inventory Management with AI technology through 5G network, Smart Emergency Room, and Smart Logistics with 5G unmanned vehicles.

MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry. It’s where world-leading companies and trailblazers share the latest thought leadership about the progression and future of connectivity. At the event, Huawei will be exhibiting ground-breaking products and technologies, and make remarkable connections with senior decision-makers, creators, and innovators in the industry. 

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