Introducing "FlexiFarm" – innovative smart model of “instant container farming"

Introducing "FlexiFarm" – innovative smart model of “instant container farming"

Fresh, safe and accessible produce improving the lives of Thais everywhere

FlexiFarm, an innovative container farming solution, is introducing a smart new alternative to traditional farming in Thailand. This ready-made, movable and sustainable way of farming requires less space and yields cost-effective products. 

This innovative approach is set to become a new business management model which will help enhance the quality of life for health-conscious individuals in a world where quality produce is increasingly seen as an essential part of people's lifestyles, while ensuring food security is attained.

Mr. Yootapong Paojinda, founder of FlexiFarm said: “As more and more people are faced with food insecurity issues due to current events, whether it’s war, pandemics, economic slowdown, natural disasters or pollution, FlexiFarm seeks to improve the quality of life for people during these uncertain times. With our flexible farming solutions, more people will gain access to high-quality fresh vegetables in a safe and convenient way. This farming solution is also set to become a business model alternative for farming in the future under the concept of 'Container Farms'. The term 'Flexi' stands for 'Flexibility', representing the ability to be modified and fit into any area, especially in cities with limited spaces. Our compact yet incredibly flexible containers are fully packed with state-of-the-art technology that allows container owners to manage their farm system easily and efficiently, while ensuring desired results in terms of quantity and quality.”

To achieve its mission of bettering the quality of life for people, FlexiFarm is based on five key concepts:

Better Health: All produce from FlexiFarm is fresh, clean and safe as the vegetables are grown in a closed system free of external pollutants such as dust, smoke, acid rain, pesticides as well as pests, parasites and fungi. Through the control of various factors, including temperature, water flow, air quality and minerals, produce grown this way is enriched with nutrients, which makes it ideal for health-conscious consumers.

Better Food Security: Vegetable cultivation in a closed system allows for accurate forecasts of the required amount of produce and guarantees consistent harvests throughout the year. These systems are not affected by external factors that can be damaging such as floods, landslides and weather fluctuations. They also reduce the chance of spoilage caused by bacteria in the process of planting and harvesting, while extending vegetables' storage life and making them available for all-year-round consumption.

Better Work-life Balance: In addition to yielding produce close to home as the containers can be installed at any location, FlexiFarm solutions can be adopted as a creative hobby and a business. With vegetables being constantly in demand on the market combined with a management model that doesn’t depend on climatic or external factors, farmers can predict ROI, reduce water consumption and save time spent washing vegetables. The containers also use cutting-edge smart technology that can be controlled from anywhere, anytime. Therefore, it is a business that facilitates the allocation of time to balance work and life.

Better Environment: This method comes with 95% less water consumption than traditional farming and requires less space as well.

Better Community: Farmers using FlexiFarm containers may distribute their produce to the surrounding communities or even leverage them for community enterprises. It is also an activity in which people in the community can jointly participate and spend time together. Additionally, the containers can be used as a learning centre on farming technology for locals as well as students.

FlexiFarm container farms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can be linked to a smartphone. This allows container owners to become smart farmers of the digital era who can control all processes at their fingertips, including functions like ordering the automatic switching on and off of electrical equipment such as LED lamps, fans and air conditioners. They can also set the on-off time in advance as well as check and adjust the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content in addition to optimising irrigation and fertilisation processes.

Each container is designed to be able to grow vegetables to the fullest extent of the space available. With planting shelves purposely arranged for maximum yields per one container, a container is 2.5 metres wide, 12 metres long and 2.8 metres high. It can be installed even in limited spaces and piled up without taking up additional space if more productivity is needed.

“FlexiFarm's container farms can be a source of high-quality and nutritious food for every community, whether in the city centre or the outer neighbourhoods. The access to fresh vegetables that are safe to eat and close to home will definitely improve the quality of life for people. That is our ultimate goal,” Yootapong concluded.

Find out more about FlexiFarm at and

To inquire about FlexiFarm vegetables and containers, please add @FlexiFarm via LINE or call Tel. 080-9259620. 

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