Central Pattana attracts ‘MILLENNIAL FAMILIES’ with ‘Play Based Learning’ activities, pushing Education Zone revenue

Central Pattana attracts ‘MILLENNIAL FAMILIES’ with ‘Play Based Learning’ activities, pushing Education Zone revenue

Central Pattana plc, operator of 35 branches of Central shopping centres nationwide, is building on the success of ‘The Little Campus' campaign by supporting the continued growth of schools and educational institutions located in Central shopping centres. The campaign aims to attract millennial families, who are growing their families with new little members, by providing a fun experience with 'Play Based Learning'. Central Pattana is joining hands with Pororo to offer ‘Pororo Aqua Park’ tickets for two, worth 680 baht (limited to 1,000 redemptions, two tickets each); enjoy a free drawing workshop entitled ‘The Fantastic Color Water World’, with HIT Galleria art school (300 redemptions) when purchasing products or courses at participating institutions in the education zone at a minimum of 10,000 baht. “The 1” members can get up to 3,000 points when spending specified amounts in this category from today until 31 July 2022 at 24 branches of Central shopping centres nationwide.

The schedule for ‘The Fantastic Color Water World’ drawing workshop with HIT Galleria art school at the ‘Pororo Aqua Park’ water park is open for three sessions per day: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM; 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM; and 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Each session caters for a class of ten people. If you purchase a course from HIT Galleria at the event, you will also receive a 500-baht discount. For more information, please contact the registration point at the event.

Moreover, there are great deals to please parents: when spending at the stores/institutes in the education category, show your receipt to redeem up to 20% in discounts on an annual membership for Pororo Aqua Park (from 4,000 baht to 3,200 baht) and receive up to 3,000 The 1 points following specified terms and conditions. 

For more information, please visit: https://shoppingcentre.centralpattana.co.th/thelittlecampus2022/

Workshop Schedule

1,2,3 : Saturday, 14 May 2022 to Monday, 16 May 2022 (long weekend)
4,5 : Saturday, 21 May 2022 to Sunday, 22 May 2022
6,7 : Saturday, 28 May 2022 to Sunday, 29 May 2022
8,9,10 : Friday, 3 June 2022 to Sunday, 5 June 2022 (long weekend)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers can take their receipt to check for privileges/redeem rewards at redemption points at participating Central shopping centres.
  2. Register by scanning the QR Code via Google Form to reserve your seat for the activity.
  3. The activity is held three times per day (14:00-15:00), (15:30-16:30), (17:00-18:00) and can accommodate ten participants each time.
  4. An eligible receipt can redeem two tickets for Pororo Aqua Park and the 3rd and 4th customers (of the same group) may purchase their tickets at a special 50% discount; the regular price applies for the 5th person onwards (free entry for children under 90 cm in height. Regular ticket price: 280 baht for children and 400 baht for adults).
  5. Limited to 300 redemptions to attend the workshop and 1,000 redemptions to enter the water park (one redemption/two tickets).
  6. The company reserves the right, according to law, to change the terms and conditions or to cancel special privileges or services and benefits as appropriate, including mistakes caused by typing errors, without prior notice.

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