TRIPSTER to invest in Readme Platform to penetrate the tourism market

TRIPSTER to invest in Readme Platform to penetrate the tourism market

Tripster has launched the world's first “Readme” platform – the travel for free and earn money (Travel2earn) platform, to penetrate the tourism market and make a leap in income as well as a new digital currency. It targets 6 billion baht of revenue in 5 years from trips to support the platform sale throughout the world going forward.

Kosit Khumsap, CEO of, revealed that the Readme travel blogger platform is a medium for bloggers to share their travel and accommodation experiences as an alternative for those who are interested in using the information to plan and choose their travels and accommodations in various places, which has been popular and trusted by travellers around the world for more than 5 years. 

Currently, it has been joined by more than 5,000 bloggers, 1,000 hotels, and 1 million users each month from all over the world, along with a tendency to grow by leaps and bounds after the Covid-19 situation.

As for its business model, the Readme platform acts as a medium for bloggers and owners of hotels and accommodations to come together and exchange their rooms for bloggers to stay and write their travel experiences as a blog review in a natural and interesting way. When this review has been read and a room has been booked from a website pressed through their blogs, a commission will be paid to the bloggers and the platform. This business model can therefore create value from every party, while hotels get their sales from room sales, bloggers get a commission, and Readme earns income as a medium.

Readme's success is not only the popularity and sale of products among tourists, but it has also taken the travel lifestyles and real experiences of bloggers that have been reviewed in over 40,000 blogs as the world’s first travel-to-earn platform where real money can be made as well as value in the tourism industry can be completely added. For example, influencers are employed to add value to accommodations and hotels, or bloggers are employed to create content for motivating target groups to use the services.

Trip coins are issued to expand the Readme platform to cover and support tourists from at least 30 countries, to increase traffic by 5 times the current user base, and to push forward the strategy to grow continuously within 5 years by targeting revenue of 6,000 million baht from the value of the global tourism market at around 60 trillion baht.

Trip coins can also be used as a utility token, which can be used to:

1. Buy a good deal from us

2. Stake to get rewards, including coins and accommodation vouchers

3. Get an NFT travel pass to participate in both real-world and Metaverse activities

4. Get a free trip for coin holders

5. Receive a travel-first pay-later deal.

Kosit added that this Tripster’s project has already generated actual income before entering the world of Blockchain, which is considered a project with a tangible direction to generate income and a clear approach to expand revenue target. It can definitely create added value and popularity among digital currency investors in the future.

Strategies and strengths of Tripster’s project have been established by a management team with more than 20 years of experience in the travel tech industry, specialising in both direct booking and OTA for the success of the Readme platform. They are regarded as a team with experience and expertise in investment.

Now, this project is in the whitelist phase. Interested parties can follow up the information via Facebook: and Website:

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