Tencent Cloud's global infrastructure enhances digital capability in Thailand

Tencent Cloud's global infrastructure enhances digital capability in Thailand

Driving agility for enterprises embracing cloud technology through local internet data centres

Digital transformation is no longer an unfamiliar topic today as companies in Thailand and across the world are increasing their investment in technology. Amid the pandemic, technology adoption is being fast-tracked to achieve greater business agility, evident from the rise of ‘digital-first’ approach that sees companies setting up a new division dedicated to digital operation to ensure business resilience even in the most unexpected situations.

According to Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., cloud technology adoption in Thailand has increased rapidly. “As industries got disrupted across the board, cloud and AI technologies are being adopted to increase business capabilities,” he said. “But, while we anticipate an obvious growth trend of cloud adoption among Thai companies in the next few years, a PwC report pointed out that the implementation by many has barely scratched the surface of cloud’s vast potential. Companies can actually use cloud technology to build greater business agility, which will result in a better ability to adapt quickly to abrupt changes and stay relevant, at the same time, reassuring that they would be able to drive new growth and cope with unexpected situations.”

Hybrid cloud is one of the most preferred technologies in enterprise digital transformation, being a strategic choice that enables the integration of cloud and AI solutions to support growing digital activities and the ensuing increase in data transmission, storage, processing, and transfer as companies build up their capability to respond to fast-changing situations quickly and effectively. Regardless of the cloud solution used, it is important that the chosen public cloud service has a reliable security standard and complies with relevant local regulation requirements. 

Public cloud services offered by Tencent Cloud build on a strong global data infrastructure network, including two data centres in Thailand, which makes it the ideal technology partner for companies seeking smooth and secure cloud technology implementation plus compliance with regulatory requirements. Tencent Cloud’s data centres in Thailand are located in a prime network hub right in the heart of Bangkok. It highlights enhanced data processing performance and flexibility, thanks to servers equipped with the latest technology and the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that help increase the performance of various processes while creating superior usage latency in various use cases and scenarios. 

In hybrid cloud strategy, retail is a good example of a business sector in which companies can take advantage of public cloud services from a provider that operates local data centre facilities. Digital marketing and e-commerce are instrumental in retail business today. As retailers compete to roll out marketing and promotional campaigns, they must adjust their business and marketing plans to meet changing needs and market conditions. To do this, they must use sales and marketing tools such as online booking, pre-selling, vouchers, brands’ live sales on marketplaces, and privileged offers, among others. All these activities rely on technologies, such as cloud computing and AI, to process customers’ information for actionable insights for marketing and promotion in a compliant environment. Using public cloud service from a provider that offers local data centre facilities emerges as an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle to develop the needed capability while ensuring compliance with the relevant local regulations.   

“As a digital enabler, Tencent Cloud supports companies’ endeavours to build their business agility which will make them resilient to changing market conditions and ever-evolving customer expectations,” Mr. Chang concluded. “By combining exceptional expertise and insights with our established global infrastructure in 70 availability zones across 26 regions, including two high-security, high-performance data centres in Thailand, we address the diverse needs of businesses with an extensive range of flexible cloud solutions that will increase operational efficiency and business agility of companies. Our Thailand team experts are ready to provide support and advice to help fully equip companies to deal with challenges and disruption quickly and resiliently.”

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