ICONSIAM organises “Amazing Fruit Paradise 2022” featuring a parade of premium fruits fresh from local farms across the country and all-you-can-eat buffet of durians in different varieties at SookSiam and Dear Tummy Supermarket on G Floor

ICONSIAM organises “Amazing Fruit Paradise 2022” featuring a parade of premium fruits fresh from local farms across the country and all-you-can-eat buffet of durians in different varieties at SookSiam and Dear Tummy Supermarket on G Floor

ICONSIAM welcomes the season of tropical fruits with a mega fruit fair and bazaar “Amazing Fruit Paradise 2022” from May 17-29, 2022, at SookSiam on G Floor. Held in collaboration with Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, SookSiam, many associations and networks of Thai orchard farmers, the event is aimed to support and promote Thai farmers by offering the irresistible flavours of seasonal Thai fruits to both local people and foreign visitors. As May is the best month to savour the great tastes and variety of local fruits that are harvested in many regions from the north to the upper south, a wide variety of best-in-season fruits particularly durian, mangosteen and rambutan are gathered together at the event. Each province presents the very best of its products at “Fruitful Fest” held from May 13-June 5, 2022 at Dear Tummy Lifestyle Supermarket on G Floor where shoppers can enjoy an assortment of fruits at bargain prices.

“Amazing Fruit Paradise 2022 offers the delightful flavours of different varieties of durians hailed as the King of Fruit only at SookSiam”

SookSiam at ICONSIAM has partnered with Horticultural Science Society of Thailand, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organisation), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), together with associations and networks of local orchard famers, including Thai Durian Institute, Thai Durian Association, South Durian Association, Thai Durian Federation, Association of Thai Durian Producers, and Fruit Growers’ Association of Chumphon Province to offer abundant selections of Thai fruits delivered straight from the farms for visitors to indulge in the delightful flavours of fruits harvested in May at SookSiam of ICONSIAM from May 17-29, 2022.

The event gathers together different varieties of rare and ancient durians, hailed as the King of Fruit, such as Long Lab Lae durian from High-Hills Farm in Phetchabun province and Long Lab Lae durian (limited offer). Late May is the harvest time of Long Lab Lae durian and the country’s largest producers of this rare and ancient cultivar are High-Hills Farm in Phetchabun province and Baan Rak Thai located at Noen Maprang district of Phitsanulok province. There are also durians from Nonthaburi which are Geographical Identification-Patented Produce (GI) in limited availability from authentic Nonthaburi durian orchards as well as Monthong Pha Phum durian, Chanee durian fresh from orchards in Kanchanaburi province, Monthong durian from Khlung district of Chanthaburi and last but not least, E-leeb durian that is an ancient cultivar with thin seeds and is regarded as one of the most delicious durian varieties in Thailand (limited offer).

Durian lovers can indulge in an all-you-can-eat buffet of Monthong durians at 599 baht, and buffet of premium-grade durians at 999 baht (Monthong, Chanee, Gaan Yao, and Long Lab Lae). Special for VIZ Card members, enjoy premium durians as much as you like at only 799 baht. The durian buffet is available from May 21-22, 2022 and May 28-29, 2022 at 3pm. Reserve your seat at LineOA @Sooksiam, Facebook: Sooksiam or call 064-646-0302.

In addition to tasty durians, SookSiam presents a wide variety of fruits from orchards across the country such as Baramee melon, Tab Tim Siam pomelo, Nam Dok Mai Mun mango, Gluay Nam Waa Nuan banana, Khao Yai pomelo, and Maprao Kathi coconut. Plus enjoy a wide array of fruit products from the most sought-after shops including mango and durian sticky rice from Baan Kanom Khun Maeo Don Muang, mango and sweet chili sauce from Mamuang Nam Pla Waan Aor Jao shop, durian ice cream and durian-stuffed croissant by Duriansiam Samyan Café, peeled ready-to-eat coconut, Bao mango, and strawberry yoghurt. The durian competitions involving five varieties, including Monthong, Chanee, Gaan Yao, Puang Manee and Long Lab Lae, are also held from May 22-24, 2022. Another award will be given to the best quality of durian. A total of six awards will be presented and the winner in each category will receive the trophy bestowed by Her Royal Highness Princess Aditayadornkitikhun as a gracious kindness to organisers, farmers and attendants. 

Dear Tummy holds “Fruitful Fest” campaign featuring abundant selections of tropical fruits in different varieties that are the best products of each province

Dear Tummy Lifestyle Supermarket on G Floor supports local orchard farmers nationwide by holding the campaign “Fruitful Fest” from today until June 5, 2002 by gathering together different varieties of tropical fruits that are the best selections of each province under the same roof. Visitors can enjoy shopping for local tropical fruits and imported seasonal fruits such as premium-grade Sumalee Salacca from Somphot Farm in Trat province that is characterised by its sweet and well-balanced flavour, thick flesh and fragrant intensity and for being neither sour nor bitter. Somphot farm has over 27 experiences in growing Sumalee salacca with careful attention in every step to get premium-grade produce that is hailed as the best produce of Trat province. The premium grade Sumalee Salacca is specially selected only for Dear Tummy. Red Lady Papaya from Preeyanuch Organic Farm in Phang Nga province is one of the most popular varieties thanks to its orange-red flesh and sweet taste. Imported premium-grade options are available at the event. There are also different varieties of durians, including Long Lab Lae, Monthong, Gaan Yao, Nok Yip, Nual Thong Chan together with seasonal fruits delivered straight from the Eastern region like mangosteen, rambutan, and longan that are best-in-season flavours. Plus, discover the delightful flavour of Nam Dok Mai mango from Toon Jai Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima province, melon (orange flesh) from Still Young Farm in Pathum Thani province, and jumbo-sized Hom Thong banana from Fa Prathan Farm. 

Also on offer are ready-to-eat fruits, processed fruits and fruit products such as the rarely seen but much loved dish of Tangmo Pla Haeng (watermelon with dried fish flakes) along with ever-popular mango sticky rice from Mae Prapraisri shop in Nonthaburi province, salacca in syrup from Somphot Farm in Trat province, and pickled Bao mango that is the best product of Songkhla province. 

Come to shop local fruits fresh from farms across the country and support the orchard farmers at SookSiam and Dear Tummy on G Floor of ICONSIAM. For further information, call 1338 or visit Facebook: ICONSIAM.

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