Ngern Tid Lor launches “First Class TIDLOR Insurance broker 10 Months Interest-Free” new ad campaign and logo targeting low-income customers

Ngern Tid Lor launches “First Class TIDLOR Insurance broker 10 Months Interest-Free” new ad campaign and logo targeting low-income customers

Ngern Tid Lor Public Company Limited, led by Athitaya Phoonwathu, Head of Insurance Broker Department, announced the launch of a new advertising campaign titled “First Class TIDLOR Insurance broker 10 Months Interest-Free” to express the brand’s unique selling point and logo and build brand awareness of TIDLOR Insurance Broker. As Thailand’s second-ranking insurance company for lower income customers, Ngern Tid Lor is renowned for offering premium payment instalments with cash – no credit card required!

The campaign presents the working atmosphere at Ngern Tid Lor where staff are in conversation with a customer. The friendly, sincere, and straightforward conversation focuses on the product’s unique selling proposition as first class vehicle insurance offering 10-month premium instalments with cash. All price ranges can be divided by 10 with fixed payment rate without credit card. Customers get instant protection as soon as the first payment is made.

The new TIDLOR Insurance Broker logo design concept is based on protection. The shield represents a protective tool to save customers and give them peace of mind. The NTL BLUE theme colour references stability, reliability, intelligence and speed while the GOLDEN YELLOW theme colour references positive energy, happiness, wealth, warmth, friendship and innovative thinking. 

Watch the “First Class TIDLOR Insurance Broker 10 Months Interest-Free” ad at YouTube or Facebook Ngern Tid Lor. Or for more information visit and follow Ngern Tid Lor for new updates. Or contact the Call Center at 088-088-0880 open 24 hours. 

Since its establishment in 2018, Ngern Tid Lor has focused on personal insurance business backed by advertising campaigns. The latest campaign presents insurance brokerage services highlighting cash payment instalments with 0% interest and instant protection from the first payment.  The campaign encourages the targeted lower income customers and freelance workers with unpredictable income and no credit card to pay premiums in cash without interest, enabling them to gain convenient access to vehicle insurance. 

Supported by commercial campaigns, over 3,200,000 policies have been issued. The steady insurance brokerage business growth is generating increasing income at an even faster rate than Ngern Tid Lor business overall. 

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