SPRC continues “YOUTH BLOGGERS” workshop seeking a new generation to promote Rayong’s local identity for the third time

SPRC continues “YOUTH BLOGGERS” workshop seeking a new generation to promote Rayong’s local identity for the third time

Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited, or SPRC, continued hosting the workshop project “Youth Bloggers” for the third time, training 50 students of Rayong Wittayakom School and Wat Pa Pradu School during June 27 – 28, 2022. Not only did the project aim to find a new generation of potential youth bloggers but also to promote the culture, traditions and identity of Rayong. The first two generations of the workshop were successful, so the project continued for the third time to enhance their potential as youth bloggers, communicators and multimedia content creators. Along with the workshop session, there was a competition to find a talented content creator who won a prize presented by the Rayong governor.

Hosted at Po Thi Thong Conference Room, Map Ta Phut Healthcare Service Centre, the training workshop was presided over by Mr. Supot Toh-arjharn, Rayong Permanent Secretary, along with Aran Jaitung, Deputy Mayor of Map Ta Phut. Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited, or SPRC. Mr. Chirasak Mhasuconda, Human Resources Consultant of SPRC, welcomed the honorable authorities along with executive management board members, staffs, teachers and students. 700 testing kits of Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test were delivered to both schools at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Chirasak Mhasuconda, Human Resources Consultant, Star Petroleum Refining Public Company Limited, or SPRC, stated: “The program is hosted with the purpose to enhance young talents expressing their skills through contents, photography and video as well as their communication skills via online platforms with safety and creativity. The workshop encouraged the youths to spend their free time positively improving skills other than the knowledge from school and cultivate these skills to earn a living.”

“The training session also helped boost awareness among teenagers, local communities and tourists of the significance of tourism attraction preservation and conservation. It helps promote natural attractions, culture and traditions and local community lifestyles which supports tourism and income distribution to communities as a part of national economic development. There was a photography and videography contest at each workshop, the winners of which were nominated to the final contest to find the winner of the Rayong governor awards. A prize was granted to the best story conveyed through the media used.”

“The young talents participating in this program must be praised for their ability to express the identity of Rayong province to the public with regards to culture, local wisdom and tourist attractions and help boost the city’s tourism,” added Mr Chirasak.

Supot Toh-arjharn, Rayong Permanent Secretary, added: “Rayong is recognised as a vital hub of Thailand’s economy enriched with several businesses and industries along with tourism attractions, agriculture, marine natural resources, history and culture. There are many famous local products from each area of Rayong, including shrimp paste from Koh Samed and tropical fruits from lots of local orchards. Furthermore, the exceptional beauty of the beach area and seaside are acclaimed and very attractive to tourists from around the world. Promoting photos or contents via online platforms helps Rayong enhance its image when contents are conveyed accurately, creatively and safely. Therefore, the appropriate training helps raise awareness and understanding among the public and prevents misunderstandings about the image and identity of Rayong.”

“I hope that the students who joined this workshop developed their skills and applied the knowledge to their personal improvement. They are able to broadcast their creative contents to attract more tourists and bring more income to the communities as part of national economic development. We would like to thank SPRC for placing value on youth development as well as building awareness among teenagers and local communities regarding tourism development along with natural and cultural preservation and conservation to conserve the local ways of life and the province’s identity.”

The first day of the event featured training on content writing, data collection, photography techniques, video recording and on-site training at local community groups to collect materials. The groups include Rue-Lek Kao-Yod fishery group and Ta-Kuan Ao-Pradu fishery group. On the second day, the participants joined the YOUTH BLOGGERS, the Facebook group. The session presented information on tourism attractions by publishing contents, photographs and video presentations on social media and sharing showcases with YOUTH BLOGGERS. The winners in each category including photography, video presentation and content presentation are as follows:

  1. Winner of Photo Presentation: Mr. Thanakorn Phopan from Wat Pa Pradu School. The winning presentation portrayed story which reflected the local lifestyle of Ta-Kuan Fishery Group, the local community of Rayong.
  2. Winner of Content Writing: Mr. Thanatphat Phromthong from Rayong Wittayakom School. The winning content was narrated informatively with coherence. The well-organised story reflected the local perspective using unique writing style.
  3. Winner of Video Presentation: Ms. Suwaphat Sakulkla from Way Pa Pradu School. The presentation was named “Baan Noi Noi Khong Hoi Ma Laeng Phoo,” meaning “The little home of the mussel.” The story compared different mussel raising techniques with playful illustration.

Not only was the event to enhance the potential of youth communication skills and content creating via digital media, it also reflected the perspective, imagination and limitlessness of Thai youth potential. SPRC has strong confidence that the young talents will be major assistants to develop, preserve, conserve and convey the beautiful identity of Rayong as “YOUTH BLOGGERS.” The event ended with a certificate awarding ceremony for all participants.

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