centralwOrld welcomes everyone to shop for international products from over 40 countries

centralwOrld welcomes everyone to shop for international products from over 40 countries

in the ‘67th YWCA diplOmatic Charity Bazaar’ 29 Sep to 2 Oct 2022 at centralwOrld Live Hall, 8th floor

Central Pattana plc, operator of centralwOrld, announced on 22 September 22 that it is joining hands with the spouses of the Ambassadors of Thailand and the YWCA of Bangkok to welcome everyone to visit and shop at the ‘67th YWCA diplOmatic Charity Bazaar@centralwOrld’, an international gift and products fair organised by embassies in Thailand and private companies.

International premium products from over 40 countries around the world will be offered at special prices at over 200 shops, with proceeds from the event being spent to help develop and promote the quality of life for children, women and the underprivileged in relation to education, work, infrastructure and the environment, and to help those who have suffered from disasters. The proceeds will also be used to organise activities of public interest and help fund selected charitable organisations and projects. 

The eclectic mix of highlighted products include: chocolate, handbags and buckwheat pillows for healthy sleep from Belgium; pashmina home products and souvenirs from Nepal; macadamia coffee from Kenya; women's handbags designed by Mrs. Sirin Artinian, the spouse of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Armenia to the Kingdom of Thailand; Manuka honey, Trilogy and Wild Fern skincare products, Neotonix drinks and skincare products, food products from Baxter & Brenton, fruits and beef from New Zealand; Snow Lotus cream, Bamboo towels and drinks from China; ECCO Shoes, butter, cheese and Pharma Nord supplementary products from Denmark; Deutsch Star chocolate, cookies and silver accessories, Pulmoll sweets, which contain stevia instead of sugar, home cleaning products, leather bags, sausages, pastry, cosmetics, Seba Med skin nourishing products and Dallmayr coffee from Germany; olive oil, cheese, pure yogurt and Klas & Sylph shoes from Greece; snacks, Mandarin Duck handbags from Italy; snacks, ready-to-eat products, Regetta Canoe healthy shoes and JT Silk cosmetics which contain silk thread from Japan; red ginseng extract food supplements, snacks, ready-to-eat products, fruits and various brands of cosmetics such as Skin 21 and Lazaros from Korea; souvenirs, ready-to-eat products and frozen foods from Malaysia; frozen foods and souvenirs from Mexico; Or’agan oil from Morocco; beef and salmon from Norway; jewellery, soap, aromatic candles and drinks from Portugal; fruits, beverages, dried meats, sausages and tea from South Africa; skincare products, beverages, snacks, yogurt, cheese, ham and olive oil from Spain; and souvenirs, tea and spices from Sri Lanka; home products, hair and skin products, kitchen utensils and Rocky Marshmallow from the USA.

Discover premium quality products from around the world at affordable prices at the ‘67th YWCA diplOmatic Charity Bazaar@centralwOrld’ from 29 September to 2 October 2022 at centralwOrld Live, 8th floor. For more information, please visit Facebook: centralwOrld. 

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