Translucia teams up with India's Sunovatech on metaverse

Translucia teams up with India's Sunovatech on metaverse

Translucia, the metaverse developer subsidiary of T&B Media Global (Thailand), is continuing its collaboration with India’s Sunovatech to build a team of experts to design 3D virtual reality (VR) experiences for the metaverse.

Translucia is working with global experts in various fields including Sunovatech, an India-based specialist in designing virtual experiences in 3D, AR, VR, in multiple dimensions with cutting-edge technology. The company is a design and development center for 3D modeling and rendering of objects and environments in the virtual world with Unreal Engine technology for developing “Translucia: The Interconnected Metaverse”.

Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, founder and CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand) and founder of Translucia, said that Translucia has been working in recent months with many of the world's top businesses on technological infrastructure, creative design, interactive experience design, economics design, finance, tokenomics, and a metaverse R&D center in Melbourne, Australia, to create a platform for metaverses valued hundreds of billions of baht such as Translucia.

“This collaboration with Sunovatech from India is another step in enabling Translucia to develop a complete metaverse hub fast and to plan. It’s also an important step that helps complete Translucia’s interconnected metaverse ecosystem.”

Sunovatech specializes in creative technology and develops applications and virtual content including 3D design in various formats. The company has over 20 years of experience and has contributed to over 650 projects that provide new experiences across a variety of industries.

This partnership will allow Translucia to connect with startups with metaverse development expertise to complete its ecosystem where metaverses can connect seamlessly, across health, education, arts, culture, technology, and real estate.

Dr. Jwanwat added that creating a metaverse is complex and requires both expertise and, above all, a shared goal to realize Translucia and enable its harmonious and sustainable connection with other metaverses.

Mr. Rishi Ahuja, Managing Director of Sunovatech, said that Sunovatech is delighted to partner with Translucia and to work together to gather India’s leading talent in metaverse and AR/VR technology. Translucia’s metaverse development team currently includes 50-60 Indian companies.

“Our ambition is to bring people together from each company to brainstorm and fully develop Translucia's metaverse projects on the world stage. I am sure that Sunovatech will serve as a gateway for Translucia to help grow India’s metaverse business.”

While continuing to work with new global leading partners in different fields, Translucia plans to launch its first concept, “Translucia: The Interconnected Metaverse”, for immersive and interactive experiences in early 2023.

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