Denmark and Thailand work together to defeat diabetes

Denmark and Thailand work together to defeat diabetes

Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease and caused 6.7 million deaths in 2021, meaning 1 death every 5 seconds. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) indicates there are 537 million people living with diabetes globally and 541 million adults are at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In case no action is taken, it is projected that 700 million people will have the disease worldwide by 2045.

The burden of diabetes is rising in every part of the world with devastating impact on individuals, societies, and healthcare systems. From the statistics of the year 2021 disclosed by the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand had registered 3.2 million people with diabetes in the national healthcare system, with an increase of about 300,000 new cases per year, causing an average loss of healthcare costs of 47,596 million baht per year. In addition, diabetes is the leading cause of other diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

H.E. Mr. Jon Thorgaard, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand, said, “On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, it is important to address how to cope with diabetes which is a healthcare challenge we all face together. The rising number of people living with diabetes places a great burden on our healthcare systems, not only in Thailand and Denmark, but all over

the world. The Royal Danish Embassy in Bangkok aims to bridge interactions between governors, authorities, officials, the commercial community and the public to create mutual understanding of public health. We aspire towards supporting the Thailand health agenda in order to raise awareness of diabetes as well as encourage cooperation at all levels to improve the quality of people’s life.”

“Last year Thailand and Denmark celebrated 400 years of relations. We have many common areas of interest, especially in healthcare. Since the first Danish trading ship arrived 400 years ago, there have been numerous Danish companies established which have grown and thrived in Thailand. Among them is Novo Nordisk, one of the leading Danish pharmaceutical companies with more than 99 years of innovation as well as leadership in diabetes care. Since 1984, Novo Nordisk Pharma (Thailand) has worked in a close partnership with Thai authorities and ministries. The company has contributed to several projects and initiatives within health and wellbeing in Thailand and stands as a strong example of how the two nations have collaborated on a commercial level,” H.E. Mr. Jon Thorgaard, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand mentioned.

“We are soon celebrating 100 years of innovation with Novo Nordisk, and our long journey started with the desire to change diabetes. 100 years later, our ambition remains improving lives for people with diabetes and preventing diabetes in the first place,“ said Enrico Cañal Bruland, Vice President and General Manager, Novo Nordisk Pharma Thailand.

Enrico Cañal Bruland revealed that, “To defeat diabetes, we need a new level of commitment and to dedicate ourselves to an increased level of response within innovation as our core contribution to society. Novo Nordisk is committed to work with health authorities and other partners in Thailand to prevent and treat diabetes. Since Novo Nordisk entered Thailand almost 40 years ago, we have played a vital role in responding to the unmet medical needs as well as developing innovations for the treatment and care of non-communicable diseases, especially in diabetes.”

“During the past few years, the entire world has been living with a state of health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic also provides an opportunity to enlarge the collaboration among Novo Nordisk Pharma Thailand, hospitals, and other public and private partners. Delivering insulin to patients’ homes is one initiative helping keep patients safe at home, meanwhile reducing the burden of medical personnel during the crisis.”

“To support our aspiration that no child should die from type 1 diabetes, Novo Nordisk Pharma Thailand is also expanding to help underprivileged children with diabetes by supporting necessary expenses for diabetes treatment and some educational scholarships for university through the Action4diabetes Foundation (A4D).”

Furthermore, to extend the partnering with the Ministry, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Affordability Project has been signed between the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health and Novo Nordisk Pharma Thailand. The purpose of this project is to raise more diabetes awareness and better support diabetes treatment in Thailand which stands as a continuation of the close relationship between Thailand and Denmark in healthcare as well.

“These initiatives are examples of how we, as the world leader in diabetes care, continue our journey to drive change within diabetes. We will focus on providing quality products, enhancing access to treatment as well as innovating ways to improve quality of life for people living with diabetes,” concluded Enrico Cañal Bruland.

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