SMARTSWIFT unveiled to pave the way for instant cross-border money transfer to the world in a seamless experience for residents and diaspora in Thailand

SMARTSWIFT unveiled to pave the way for instant cross-border money transfer to the world in a seamless experience for residents and diaspora in Thailand

Every remittance can be now made safely and swiftly

SMARTSWIFT, an instant international money transfer platform, is launched to transform the way customers receive and send real-time money by empowering them with financial independence and inclusion. The platform aims to simplify the complexities and ease the challenges associated with borderless payments. Customers can transfer money from Thailand to more than 60 countries worldwide.

We understand that currently, sending money from Thailand to the world can be very expensive – with banks charging high fees and exchange rates; involves painful paperwork and overall is just not as easy as it can be. It is time for a better solution, and that solution is SMARTSWIFT

Thirathorn Panyim, CEO of 33 Remittance Company Limited says, “The costs of outbound transfers are extremely high. The process is slow and not secure and it requires a lot of paperwork. We have developed SMARTSWIFT to allow our customer to enjoy the freedom of modern banking so they can make a transfer from Thailand to other countries on their mobile phone in just a moment. We focus on the user experiences that must be fast and hassle-free yet safe and reliable. We ensure that our customers have access to top-of-class services.”

SMARTSWIFT understands the need for international money transfer service via an Application Program Interface (API) at a lower price while being secure and reliable. The platform is one of the few that offers an ‘instant transfer service’ where receivers can get the money within moments when the transfer from the original country is completed. The whole process is done in a single user journey.

Customers will be able to send money to countries like the US, the UK, Australia, European countries, Canada, Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Japan and many more. *

“We own the licenses of both currency exchange and money transfer from both the Bank of Thailand and the Ministry of Finance. Moreover, SMARTSWIFT is certified under PCI-DSS Level One which is the highest standard set by the international entity. The team has been at the forefront of championing and accelerating cross-border payment solutions to help all Thais, Expats, Migrants, SMEs, local businesses and even unbanked people in ASEAN,” adds Thirathorn.

According to Trading Economics, remittances in Thailand reached an all-time high of THB 21,027 billion in August 2022. ** The busiest month of the year for international transaction is December.

“Thailand remittances are projected to grow by 30% in 2023 and SMARTSWIFT wants to be a top 3 platform choice for any international money transfer service in ASEAN within the first half of 2023,” adds Thirathorn.

“SMARTSWIFT will help Thai residents and diaspora transact at low-cost, securely and in real-time to beneficiaries across the globe,” concludes Thirathorn.

For new and frequent users, the transaction fee is ZERO (0) baht until the end of January 2023. SMARTSWIFT is now available for download on both iOS and Android.


*The country list is subject to changes. Kindly contact SMARTSWIFT’s Customer Support Team for the most updated information.

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