ICONCRAFT presents 10 unique gifts for the New Year season at “ICONCRAFT World of Gifts”

ICONCRAFT presents 10 unique gifts for the New Year season at “ICONCRAFT World of Gifts”

ICONCRAFT, inspiring spaces that bring Thai artists’ masterpieces, introduces 10 meaningful craftworks that could be wonderful gifts for your beloved ones for the upcoming New Year season under the campaign “ICONCRAFT World of Gifts” – the wonder of a special time of year. Come visit ICONCRAFT on the 4th-5th Floor at ICONSIAM and the 3rd Floor at Siam Discovery from today until January 9th, 2022.

ICONCRAFT, inspiring spaces that bring Thai artists’ masterpieces, has collected a number of Thai craft products that have a beautiful design, are of good quality, and truly reflect Thai wisdom. ICONCRAFT aims to glorify the creativity of Thai artisans and continue the legacy of Thai-style craftworks that reflect the happiness of Thais. ICONCRAFT has selected the gifts for shoppers so that they can browse for themselves and their beloved ones. The 10 selected craftworks that could be a perfect gift are as follows.

To begin with, for those who love minimal home decoration style, like Korean style or cosy café style, Sunfur is a brand you can’t miss. The products from the brand are featured in a similar mood and tone. The range of the products include bed, bin, table, chair and mug all of which come with brown, white and beige wooden style. If you want to make your home with a ‘less is more’ concept, this brand is the answer.

 However, if you want to add on colourful items to your home, the chic craft products from SCULPTURE could be your perfect choice. Owned by Nattapong Chareonkitiworrakorn, the futuristic design of the products will make your home livelier. The "Sexy Chair”, one of the highlights which was in a scene in “The Hunger Games” movie, will make your home far different than before.

For ceramic lovers, CHUANLHONG CERAMIC Brand of a ceramic sculpture artist from Lampoon Province could be a perfect choice. The special technique of combing porcelain and Sangkhalok ceramic ware (ancient Thai ceramic ware) makes each product unique, timeless, and beyond price in its beauty.

Among the impressive gifts that truly reflect Thai culture are Thai Benjarong. Inspired by his father who is a seasoned artisan in painting and sculpturing at the temple, Sahas Preecharat created this brand with the love of beauty of painted Thai  porcelain or Benjarong. He created a temporary painted design which not only adapts to the present but also keeps the original Thai style to preserve the art of Benjarong.

Or do you prefer something with a scent? Come look at THANIYA, a brand that perfectly combines scent with the art of porcelain painting to create beautiful home decoration items.  With the modern contemporary style combining with Thai-style patterns, the brand brings stories from the Thai good old days back to life represented as “Ginger Jar” or “Tum Cha” in Thai. Tum Cha was once part of popular culture in the Early Rattanakosin Era (1782-1851), Nowadays, Tum Cha has been recreated in many materials as well as tin to become beautiful home decoration items that reflect the taste of the owner.

Among the most popular items in the scent category are products from CHAVEE VIBES. The scent of Hydrangea is a signature of this brand combing with another signature scent. All scents are derived from nature and recreated with imagination, making the products perfect to create a good atmosphere every day.

Another popular brand of scents is VASSA. Inspired by travelling around the world, the brand owner intends to make Thai scents globally well-known. Thus, the brand creates scent from ancient Thai flowers, reflecting the uniqueness of scent which is true Thai culture.

The most classic gift selected from ICONCRAFT every year is perfume. ICONCRAFT would like to introduce a unique scent created by Thai perfumers from BUTTERFLY THAI PERFUME Brand. A famous “Smoked Agarwood Scent Perfume” offers the sense of sweetness and intrigue. The Smoked Agarwood Scent tells the story of the atmosphere of a Thai traditional way of life in the old days when people lit firewood to make desserts. 

If you prefer an auspicious gift that could be a blessing for someone, look no further. LUCK YOU brand features a picture frame to which you can add auspicious words for the receivers. The frames come in A5 size made from PVC with wooden-pattern plastic with glass cover. The gift could be a blessing as a beautiful home decoration.

Finally, wouldn’t it be great to give gifts from special children to your special ones? Come browse the craftworks of the Autistic Thai Foundation under the brand ART STORY by Autistic Thai. With the goal to sustainably support and develop special children’s quality of life, the brand brings drawing works of special children and autistic people into the light. The craftworks come in many patterns and design which are all from the imagination of the crafters, making each piece unique and a lovely special gift.

Furthermore, for the happiness of both givers and receivers, ICONCRAFT offers a special promotion. Spend a minimum of 500 Baht/receipt and get FREE! cool gift wrapping. If  the spend meets the conditions, shoppers will be entitled to up to 1,000 baht discount from now until 9 January 2023. Shoppers can also browse the products using  “ONESIAM Super App” available in both Android https://bit.ly/3Jm8In6 and iOS : https://apple.co/3FEqy2r  forms. For further details please call 1338 or contact via Facebook: ICON CRAFT

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